Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Want to share your artwork made using NO Days products with the world? We want to help you promote your work! We love seeing the various ways artists are using NO Days products! We share our Featured Artist spotlight with our newsletter subscribers, our Facebook friends and fans, on our Featured Artist Page and right here on our blog, linking back to your website.

Simply send an email to with the subject: Featured Artist. Be sure to include your name, email address, and website (if you have one) along with a brief bio and pictures of yourself and your artwork made with NO Days Products. Not sure what to include in a bio? Tell us how you became interested in playing with glass or crafts. How about where you get your inspiration? Oh! And don't forget to tell us why you love using NO Days!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Featured Artist - Jacqui Bush of Stained Glass of McKinney

Each month, Streuter Technologies features an artist using NO Days products in our newsletter and on our webpage.  October's featured artist is Jacqui Bush of Stained Glass of McKinney!

Jacqui Bush took her first copper foil class in 1997 and hasn't looked back.  From flat glass to warm glass, and silver art clay to enamels, her classes and experimenting continue. In 2004, she could no longer resist the call of the glass and left her career in technology to open a studio. Her studio offers a wide variety of classes in stained, leaded, beveled, etched, fused and painted glass. She repairs and restores glass, creating custom work, as well. 

She has a contagious passion for glass in all its forms and loves to share it with others. Through teaching and demonstrating, she works (or rather plays) to increase public awareness of glass art through special events, educational classes, and community involvement, offering free or low cost classes to art teachers in public education through the "Teach the Teacher" program.

Jacqui enjoys teaching teachers about glass art, and how to bring it into the classroom to inspire the next  generation of glass artists. Kids LOVE glass, but the mosaic process can be messy when using traditional adhesives and grout!  It's easy to teach them glass history and how glass is worked. Jacqui and colleague Brenda Fee co-authored "Artistically Inspired: Glass Lessons for the Art Classroom," with 25 lesson plans designed to incorporate the history and process of creating glass art into the school curriculum.

Jacqui's Renaissance Mosaics

Jacqui is always coming up with new techniques to share with her students. She teaches "Groutless Mosaics" incorporating beads, vintage or memorable jewelry and other objects with glass tiles. She loves using No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive for its ease of use; there's no need to move the design between layout and gluing or grouting. It's nontoxic and not messy, so it's safe and convenient to use in a school setting. Plus, it eliminates having to wait for glue to dry or working with and coloring grouts.

  Jacqui is certified in the Unique Glass paints, a member of AGA, RAGS, and is on the Board of Directors for the KBW Education Foundation.

Jacqui Bush is a veritable fountain of knowledge!!! Check out her page full of tips and tricks on anything and everything concerning glass, kilns, and education! View more at

Friday, October 21, 2011

NO Days News - Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

No Days News - New Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

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No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive
New NO Days Groutless Mosaic AdhesiveOctober 2011
Word On The Streut... 
Dear Glass Enthusiast,

This month, we're excited to announce our newest product, NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive! That's right! Why grout your mosaic if you can glue it and be done with it? Check out our new project video for all the details! 

We're also proud to present artist Jacqui Bush, who has been working with mosaics in schools using NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive to eliminate the messy grouting process, speeding the mosaic process even further.  

We've added several Road Show events around the country, so check the calendar to see if you can stop by and play the NO Days way! 


Brad Streuter
Streuter Technologies, Inc.

NO Days Groutless
Mosaic Adhesive...    
Groutless Mosaic Adhesive Video  

We're excited to announce the release of our  No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive!     

With No Days Groutless, you can adhere your tiles to your substrate and skip the mess of grouting.  As soon as the adhesive cools, your project is finished. 

NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive comes in especially handy for working with micro mosaics and mosaic jewelry.

Featured Artist Spotlight

Featured Artist Jacqui Bush helped develop No Days Groutless This month, meet teaching artist Jacqui Bush,  

Jacqui loves teaching teachers about Glass Art, and how to bring it into the classrooms. Kids LOVE glass, but the mosaic process can be messy when using traditional adhesives and grout!  

She loves using No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive for its ease of use; there's no need to move the design between layout and gluing or grouting. It's nontoxic and not messy, so it's safe and convenient to use in a school setting. Plus, it eliminates having to wait for glue to dry or working with and coloring grouts.  

Read more about Jacqui on our  Featured Artist Page ...  

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Create fused glass mosaics using NO Days ThinFuse...
No Days ThinFuse Adhesive
NO Days ThinFuse Adhesive

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick & Easy Mosaics with NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive from Streuter Technologies is a non-toxic adhesive film that allows you to both glue  and “grout” in one step, eliminating the mess and wait time of traditional adhesives and grout! 

Before beginning any large project with new materials or techniques, it’s always helpful to create a small sample piece so you’ll have a better idea of how much adhesive you’ll need to use for particular projects. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Building a NO Days Stained Glass Window with the Professional Fast Cure Method

The Professional Fast Cure Method using the NO Days Universal Curing Station

Using the Professional Fast Cure Method of construction with No Days Glaze pre-formed glazing strips or No Days pre-glazed lead or zinc came, you build and solder the window, and heat set the glazing with the Universal Curing Station. The No Days Universal Curing Station is available in standard sizes from 12" x 12" up to 48" x 24". Curing stations are available in custom sizes up to 8 square feet.

Preventing Stained Glass Pattern Growth with No Days Glaze

When constructing a window with No Days Glaze using the Quick Cure or Professional Fast Cure Methods, you construct your window, solder and then heat set the No Days Glaze. These methods are much quicker than the heat as you go Hobby Cure Method, but you’ll need to adjust your pattern for the added width of the No Days Glaze on either side of the heart of the lead came.

Building a Stained Glass Window with No Days Hobby Cure Method

Working with No Days Glaze - The Hobby Method

The Hobby Cure Method of construction is a great way to practice using the No Days Glaze product. It is the slowest method of construction, but does not require adjusting the stained glass pattern for the width of the No Days Glazing material.

With the Hobby Cure Method, the window is assembled, heated, and cured piece by piece.

Constructing a small project with the hobby cure method allows you to see how long it will take to melt the No Days Glaze with the heat gun, as well as letting you adjust to using the heat gun.

First, insert the NO Days Glaze into a lead or zinc channel and cut to size. You may need to use a tool to help the glaze into the channel of your lead or zinc came.

Ordering, Sizing and Securing No Days Glaze for Stained Glass

No Days Glaze by Streuter Technologies are pre-formed glazing strips made for use in the construction of leaded or zinc stained glass windows. 

No Days Glaze comes in rolls of 25 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft and 250 ft.
and in three colors: black, clear and pewter.

Introduction to No Days Glaze for Building a Stained Glass Window

No Days Glaze by Streuter Technologies are pre-formed glazing strips made for use in the construction of leaded or zinc stained glass windows. 

No Days Glaze has several advantages over the traditional putty method. Our glaze is designed to be inserted into the lead or zinc channel before the glass. This adds a step during construction, but eliminates the tedious and messy process of traditional putty or cement glazing methods, in effect saving you hours, and sometimes days, that you would be waiting for the putty to set before installation of the window. 

Adhering Bails to Pendants using an Oven with No Days Bailbond

Heat setting several pieces at once in an oven/toaster oven

It’s easy to use No Days BailBond on several pieces and heat set them all at once using an oven.

Cut a piece of BailBond to fit the size of your bail.

Use a bit of painter’s tape to create a sandwich by placing your BailBond between the pendant and the bail. The tape will prevent the bail from moving in the oven once the BailBond has melted. Place the pendant sandwich face down.

Primer for Using No Days BailBond Adhesive for Jewelry and Other Findings

Beginning to Use No Days BailBond

When you first begin to use No Days BailBond, you may be frustrated by a bail that won’t stay where you put it. As the heat set adhesive turns to liquid, the bail may slide along the surface. 

To help keep your pendant, BailBond and bail in place before the adhesive sets, you can use a bit of painter’s tape to hold the pieces together. While you’re still getting used to working with No Days BailBond, there is a greater chance of overheating with this technique, because you can’t see the adhesive or feel when the adhesive bonds with the bail and the pendant. This means a bit more clean up, but it’s still simple. 

Attaching a Cabochon to Purse Hanger with No Days Bailbond

Adhering a Fused Glass Cabochon to a Purse Hanger Finding Using No Days BailBond

No Days BailBond is versatile and works well with a number of different findings. For this video, I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to use BailBond to attach a cabochon to a purse hanger finding.

Using a Soldering Iron to Attach a Bail to a Pendant with No Days BailBond

Heating No Days BailBond using a Soldering Iron

No Days BailBond is a heat set adhesive that is quick and easy to use. By heat setting with a battery powered portable electronics soldering iron:
  • You’re able to feel when the NO Days BailBond is beginning to adhere. 
  • You can pinpoint the heat exactly where you need it. 
  • It’s portable and easy to use at a show, where you may not have access to electricity.

Attach And Wear Your Jewelry Quickly with No Days BailBond Adhesive

Attach and Wear Instantly!

No Days Bail Bond allows you to attach a bail or finding to your jewelry and wear it instantly because as soon as it cools, it’s cured.

Begin by cutting a piece of BailBond just slightly longer than your bail. As it’s heated the BailBond will pull in and fill any gaps. Make a sandwich with the bail, BailBond and pendant. 

The Quick Cure Method of Building a Window with NO Days Glaze

Working with No Days Glaze - The Quick Cure Method

Using the Quick Cure Method of construction with No Days Glaze, you build the window, solder the joints, clean the flux, heat set the glazing and the window is ready to install.

If you’re using the No Days Glaze pre-formed glazing strips, begin by inserting the No Days Glaze into the edge came and lead channels. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mosaic Adhesive Film and Mesh Overview from No Days

Overview of Mosaic Adhesive Film and Mesh from Streuter Technologies-
Streuter Technologies offers two No Days products for mosaic enthusiasts: No Days Mosaic Mesh for vertical and horizontal mounting and No Days Mosaic Adhesive for direct application.

  [NOTE: We are constantly adding new products to our line based on feedback from our customers. If you have any ideas for products you'd like to see, or product feedback, contact us at]

Affixing Cabochons to a Disc Bracelet Blank with No Days Mosaic Adhesive

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive for Adhering Jewelry

Tools and Materials:
-NO Days Mosaic Adhesive (or glueFilm or No Days BailBond)
-cabochons, buttons, tiles, etc. to attach to jewelry finding
-disc bracelet (or other) finding
-standard heat gun or embossing tool
-masking tape or painter's tape
-heat proof surface to work on
-metal tool for pushing on cabochons

Creating a Vertical Mount Mosaic Using NO Days Mosaic Mesh

NO Days Mosaic Mesh for “indirect” mosaic application

No Days Mosaic Mesh is a fiberglass mesh coated with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive that allows you to build your mosaic on a flat surface and then mount it horizontally or vertically to your substrate using ThinSet, Mortar, Cement or Mastic.  

Begin by creating your pattern template. You can trace your design directly on the mesh using a permanent marker.  No Days Mosaic Mesh can be easily trimmed to size using scissors or a craft blade. If you need to, you can stitch the mesh together.  Place it on your template and cut to size. You can also temporarily hold it together with scotch tape on the back side. Alternatively, you can overlap mesh pieces and heat set them together to build custom shapes and sizes, allowing you to secure your design in large or small sections.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Create an Outdoor Stepping Stone Mosaic with No Days Adhesive

No Days Mosaic Stepping Stone

Tools & Materials:
-Paving Stone from home improvement store
-No Days Mosaic Adhesive Film (2 layers)
-heat gun
-sheets of stained glass
-glass cutting tools
-sanded grout

Approximate Time Start to Finish: 60-90 minutes depending upon size of stone, and skill level

Creating a Collage Mosaic with No Days Adhesive

Materials & Tools:
-mosaic tiles
-wooden substrate
-No Days Mosaic Adhesive Film
-standard heat gun
-sanded grout
-container for mixing grout
-tape for masking edges of frame

Approximate Time: 2-3 hours

Faux Screen Printing on Fused Glass Using No Days Mosaic Adhesive and Glass Powders

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive for Fusing

 Using NO Days Mosaic Adhesives with fused glass powders, you can create intricate designs on fused glass to make faux screenprinted or stamped designs without the inconsistency and mess of mixing mediums.  The NO Days Mosaic Adhesive burns clean, leaving you with a detailed pattern in glass. 

  CAUTION: Be sure to use a proper respirator when working with glass powders.

Begin by choosing your design. You can use an exacto blade to trace an image. Otherwise, it’s easy to use paper punches and decorative edged scissors to make multiple identical designs. It’s even possible that your local scrapbooking store has die-cut machines available for use, which will allow you even more options for patterns and shapes.