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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Creating a NO Days Stepping Stone

No Days Mosaic Adhesive on Stepping Stone
Gather the materials: paver stone, No Days Mosaic Adhesive,
tweezers, scissors, heat gun, grout, glass.
Tools & Materials:
-Paving Stone from home improvement store
-No Days Mosaic Adhesive Film
-heat gun
-stained glass
-cutting tools: glass cutter, running pliers, mosaic nippers
-Morton Portable Glass Shop (or other strip cutting system)
-latex gloves

Approximate Time Start to Finish: 3 hours
Clean sand and debris off the surface of the paver stone.
After brushing off the paver stone of dirt and debris, cut the No Days Mosaic Adhesive to size using scissors or an exacto blade. You can overlap pieces of the adhesive film, and even use scrap and leftover adhesive film. The stepping stone pattern can be traced on the adhesive film, if you find it helps. If you want to make sure the film doesn't slide around on the stepping stone while you're placing tiles, you can prep the adhesive to the stone ahead of time. Below is a picture using an iron and the white release liner that comes in the package with the No Days Mosaic Adhesive to prep the stone with adhesive. (NOTE: If you don't let the adhesive cool before removing the release liner, it will stick to the liner and not your stepping stone!)
You can make the adhesive sheets stick to the stone by prepping
with an iron and the white release liner that comes packaged with
No Days Mosaic Adhesive.
After placing all of your tiles on the surface of the adhesive, it's time to heat set the adhesive to activate it. Using an oven is the easiest way to heat set the stone. Set the oven to 200 degrees F (93ºC) and place the stone on the rack for about 15- 20 minutes. The stone takes quite awhile to heat up, and it's important that the stone gets to 160ºF (too hot to touch) so that the adhesive bonds fully with both the stone and the tiles. You can also use a standard heat gun or embossing heat tool to heat the tiles and stone.
As soon as the mosaic cools, it's time to grout!
After the stone cools (~15 minutes), you're ready to grout. If you're teaching the stepping stone as a class, this 15 minutes is a good time to give a grouting demo and talk about the different kinds of grout available and different methods for mixing grout.
Finished stepping stones in about 3 hours!

Finished stones in the yard. This batch was done by a Girl Scout troop.

Here's a video to give you more ideas and explain the process: