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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Q&A Monday ~ No Days Groutless Mosaic Birdbath

I wanted to line the bottom of a bird bath with your product (No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive).  Saves grouting.  Will it hold up outside if I bring it in the winter and only use when weather is warm?  I live in Maryland, so we don't get too many really cold days.

Hi, S ~

I've started on my sample piece. Worked on it a lot yesterday and plan to finish it today or tomorrow.I've attached the in progress picture of my birdbath on a hypertufa cement base. If you'd like to see pictures of the progress I made yesterday and the order in which I place the tiles, you can see them on our Instagram page: or scroll down to the bottom of this post for the photo montage.
No Days Groutless birdbath on progress

Also, I heard back from Brad. He says,"The adhesive is insoluble in water so it will hold up.    The birdbath is a great example to show on Facebook to illustrate that the adhesive will withstand being installed in an underwater environment.   Being able to withstand water is also applicable to the No Days Mosaic Mesh, No Days Mosaic Adhesive Film, No Days Bailbond, No Days Glaze and HoneyDoo Zuper Glue."
Hope this helps, and let me know if you need any assistance with your birdbath :)

Also, I'd love to see pictures when you've finished!

Hi, Carrie ~

I am so thrilled that you would take time out of your busy day to work on the birdbath!!

I sculpted my birdbath with clay and have been thinking (for a few years) how I would like to finish it.  Once I get supplies and get started, I will be back in touch.  I also try to do decorative painting, sew bears for Newborns in Need and some crocheting and beading.  I can't seem to stay with one thing.  I have found that my painting overlaps onto my sculpting and so I am anxious to do the glass.  I got the cutter, glass, etc ready to go, just was hesitant to do the grouting since I had done some stepping stones where the glass moved.

I will keep in touch.
Thank you,

Good luck, S! Again don't hesitate to ask if you run into questions:)
I am with you as far as multiple techniques are concerned. I love when you can combine all your loves together. You sound well-rounded ;)

Carrie, new question.  I want to order some products.  How did you line the bird bath?  Did you put down the groutless base?  Did you use the adhesive to glue the tiles on so they don't fall.
No Days Groutless Mosaic Birdbath

What do you suggest I purchase to get started since I have never seen any of the products and should I buy it from the company?  I don't want to waste money in the beginning.  Maybe later I can accumulate more of their products.
Thanks, S

Hi, S~

With all of your hobbies, you probably already have a heat gun or embossing heat tool? That's how you heat set the adhesive. I will warn you that working 3D with the adhesive is a little tricky. You have to work in small sections. Here's a video that shows some 3D pieces being worked on with the No Days Mosaic Adhesive:

And here's a video that is an introduction to the Groutless Mosaic Adhesive, which is what I used:

The 3D video shows taping the beginning pieces in place, but I just let them cool down and add more, using gravity to my advantage. After laying down the initial strip (only 5 or 6 tiles) and letting them cool, I turned the stone bowl and added another short segment and then heat set them. After they cooled, I rotated the bowl again and added the next 5 or 6 tiles, until I got back to the beginning. After that first row, I added a few rows of tile at a time. I started on the outside of my bowl because the center was optically off on my homemade bowl. It may be easier to start in the flat bottom area and then slowly work your way up the sides.

Photo collage that shows the steps in building the mosaic birdbath
using No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive on a hypertufa base.
 In some areas, I doubled up the adhesive under the tiles, because my bowl is porous. When, heating the adhesive, it tends to pull together before it spreads out again, so you need to really heat it and "paint" it around with the tiles. My bowl is about 14" or more across, and the last picture I sent was a little less than the whole 12" roll of black Groutless Mosaic Adhesive. There are areas of the tile that are covered with some groutless. You can leave them as is, or the adhesive scrapes off with a razor (or fingernail if it's still slightly warm). ADDITION: I also found out that after the mosaic cools, that the excess adhesive can be washed off with a garden hose and spray nozzle. Quick and easy! I had one tile that popped off, and that was because I didn't heat it long enough to properly adhere to the cement base.
Oh, and I use a pair of long tweezers (~6" or so) that helps to push on the tiles while they're hot.
So, the only materials that you'll need are glass tiles (I cut mine to 3/8" and 5/16" and 1/8" just to have a variety of sizes), Groutless Mosaic Adhesive, heat gun or embossing heat tool, tweezers, and scissors to cut the adhesive. That should be it!
Here are written directions for a micro mosaic project I did with the Groutless:
Good luck!
I'd love to see pictures of your birdbath when you get around to it:)