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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introduction to No Days Glaze for Building a Stained Glass Window

No Days Glaze by Streuter Technologies are pre-formed glazing strips made for use in the construction of leaded or zinc stained glass windows. 

No Days Glaze has several advantages over the traditional putty method. Our glaze is designed to be inserted into the lead or zinc channel before the glass. This adds a step during construction, but eliminates the tedious and messy process of traditional putty or cement glazing methods, in effect saving you hours, and sometimes days, that you would be waiting for the putty to set before installation of the window. 

 No Days Glaze cures in minutes.  It is a heat set glazing material that activates at 160 degrees F (71 degrees C)a temperature high enough to withstand outdoor temperature conditions without worry of re-activation yet low enough to easily and efficiently work with a heating tool.  As it cools down and hardens, it creates an instant bond.  You glaze only once. Unlike putty, there’s no need to flip the window over to do the back side. Clean up is simple. There’s no need for scraping each edge of the came to remove excess putty, which means there’s no waste! 

No Days Glaze creates an instant waterproof seal, and can be used indoors or outdoors.
It increases the strength of the window due to the fact that it bonds with the glass on three sides and reinforces the structure instantly upon setting,  unlike putty which is forced into a portion of the gap left between the glass and the lead, offering much less support than the No Day Glaze. With No Days Glaze, you can actually move the window before it is soldered, as long as the glaze has been heat set and cooled. No Days Glaze is non-toxic, won’t stain your hands or your workspace, comes pre-formed to fit a variety of lead or zinc channel widths and has an indefinite shelf life, (there’s no need for mixing chemicals to get the right consistency). 

No Days Glaze comes in rolls of 25 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft and 250 ft.
and in three colors: black, clear and pewter.

It comes in seven widths from 1/8” up to ¼” so you can fit the lead or zinc that you prefer to use.

When ordering No Days Glaze, you need to consider your lead, which is sold according to the width of its face.  The widths of the No Days Glaze will not match this measurement, because it is not applied to the lead face, but in the lead channel. This channel width is the measurement you need to know when ordering No Days Glaze.  

For easily identifying the width of your lead or zinc channel, contact Streuter Technologies for a free No Days Glaze Gauge Kit.   The gauges allow you to easily and exactly fit the different lead and zinc cames that you use.  

When you’ve determined the width of glaze that you’ll use, it’s time to place it in your came. If the fit is snug, you may need to use your fingernail, a fid, a flat head screwdriver, a screen door roller or a nail to help the glaze into the channel. A snug fit ensures that the glaze will not curl or fall out of the channel during use.

If the No Days Glaze has not been exactly fitted, it is easy enough to heat set the glaze to hold it in place. So you can order glazing to fit the smallest width of came you’ll be using and still be able to successfully use it in larger pieces of lead, increasing the versatility of the glazing.

If you’re using a Heat Gun your work surface needs to be heat proof like a cement floor or a homosote board. Hold the heat gun approximately 2-4 inches from the came, and watch for it to melt into the channel.

Another method of heat setting the glaze to the came is by using a cheap electrical soldering iron. Again, place the glaze into the lead or zinc channel, and cut to size. Heat up the soldering iron being careful not to touch the tip, which can reach temperatures of 700 degrees.  Touch the soldering iron to the tip of the lead or zinc channel to heat and melt the end of the glazing. Let the glaze and came cool, then turn the came around and repeat with the other end, making sure that the glaze is laying flat in the channel. After it has cooled, the glazing is secured to the piece of came and ready to use.

The Candle Method takes longer but requires no special tools. Hold the came near the flame for approx 30 seconds to just melt the glaze and again, let it cool before using.

For more detailed instructions on using No Days Glaze check out our other videos. For ordering information or help with questions, contact:

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