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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Q&A Monday ~ Prepping Substrate with Film Adhesive

No Days Instructor and Support
Carrie Strope Sohayda

Hi, there! Carrie, here...
Not only do I travel the country teaching folks how to use No Days adhesives (and other techniques), but I also answer customer support emails about using No Days. So, if you're having an issue with the adhesives, chances are good that I'll be answering your questions!
Since I get so many good questions, I thought it might be a great learning opportunity for people that may be having some of the same issues but haven't thought to email us. Don't worry, I'll keep the emails anonymous!
Also, don't forget that we've got a lot of really fabulous videos (I put those together, too...) on our YouTube channel. So for those of you who are visual learners (umm...we're visual artists, right?), you may want to check them out!
If you've got questions, feel free to contact us at

 Subject: Streuter Technologies: No Days Mosaic Adhesive film use
No Days Mosaic Adhesive is available in bulk rolls,
which are a great solution for studio classes
Hi, Carrie ~

I teach a little easy mosaics class and am trying to come up with a no fuss way to use your adhesive film for class. I find that when I use it in my studio... the film sheets can slide around and affect the alignment and spacing of my tesserae. Is there any way to make it easier on my students and prep the film on the substrate first. Like maybe tacking it down or just melting it slightly?

I have tried this and the film just disintegrates. I tried using the pink sheets of paper over it luck.
Prepping paver stones with No Days Mosaic Adhesive
Hi, N~
The film can definitely be frustrating to use if it's not set in place! I can totally relate. I've been teaching with it for a few years and have found that if you prep the substrate in advance that it makes the process so much easier. In fact, I've been doing this on every piece that I work on now. Here is a large scale project I completed with a group of k-12 students:

Finished mosaic panels : 9th-12th graders
102" x 36", glass & mirror mosaic

The pink paper is not release paper. Our new packaging now comes with the release paper in rolls of adhesive. The white paper (shiny side) is the release surface. It has always come with the No Days Mosaic Mesh (if you have any of that around), but we have recently started including it in the No Days Mosaic Adhesive film packages (and No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive), as well.
The pink paper that came in the old packages of No Days Mosaic Adhesive
is NOT release paper. It will stick to the adhesive sheets.

 To prep my substrates, I will lay down the adhesive film, then put the release paper shiny side down. I use an iron on top (the release paper prevents the adhesive from getting on the iron). It's best to cut your release paper larger than the adhesive underneath so you don't accidentally get any on your iron. (It can be cleaned off the iron by wiping it down while it's hot and then when it cools using acetone to remove any residue.) If you're working glass on glass, you can use the same technique to prep the pieces of glass, or if you've got an electric skillet (or you can use the oven ~200ºF), you can use that:

"It's hard to see in the photo, but I prepped the clear glass squares by
laying a square of No Days Mosaic Adhesive on it, and then placing
the squares on an electric skillet that I use for crafts."
If you have a bunch of the old packages of No Days Mosaic Adhesive, but need some release paper, you can contact customer service to order the silicon release paper separately.
Good luck!
Hi Carrie....that is hugely helpful. Thank you for responding.
This may be my answer to offering a one day class....grouting same day! your work. Lucky for Strueter to have you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Undersea Gardens Tutorial

Carrie Strope Sohayda ~ "Undersea Gardens" 12" x 6"
  • 1/4 lb 96 Fusing Canes Alternating 3 Red 2 Aqua Inner Helix
  • 1/4 lb 96 Fusing Canes Green 5 Line Inner Helix
  • 1/4 lb 96 Fusing Canes Cobalt 5 Line Inner Helix
  • Spectrum System 96 Dark Blue Transparent
  • Spectrum System 96 Clear
  • Spectrum System 96 Cherry Red Transparent
  • Spectrum System 96 Medium Green Transparent
  • Spectrum System 96 Deep Aqua Transparent
  • Slumpy's SM-6130 Ripple Swoop Mold
  • HoneyDoo Zuper Glue 
  • Mosaic Nippers
  • Fine Tip Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Glass Cutter
  • Running Pliers
  • Safety Glasses
  • Kiln
  • Papyros Shelf Paper
  • Kilnwashed Kiln Furniture
1. Begin by cutting glass and nipping cane.
•Cut two 2” x 12” and two 1½” x 12” pieces of clear glass.
•Cut two 1½” x 12” pieces of dark blue glass.
•Cut two ⅜” x 12” strips each of dark blue, cherry red, medium green, and deep aqua.
•Mark fusing cane at 2” lengths. Using mosaic nippers, cut fusing canes in each color to 2.”

2. Layout pieces according to the pattern below.
•For the first layer, lay down the smaller piece of clear glass in the middle. On either side, place the
strips of glass on edge, and then lay down the  dark blue pieces of glass to the outside.
•For the second layer, place the two remaining pieces of clear glass on top of the dark blue, and lay the cane out across the clear piece in the middle, securing the outer pieces with a dab of glue.

TIP: If you build on a piece of cardboard, you can easily transport and load the pieces into the kiln.

3. Full fuse & then slump.

Pattern Alterations: •To eliminate strips, add ½” to
the width of the dark blue and clear rectangles.
•To avoid using kiln furniture or fiber paper dams,
cut two ½” x 2” pieces of dark blue & clear to hold
the fusing cane in the middle section.
•To prevent the fusing cane from shifting off of the base layer of glass while firing, use kiln dams
against the ends. If you don’t have dams or fiber paper, you can alter the pattern using the above
•If you want to eliminate bubbles from between the canes, space the canes so that there is a little
wiggle room between the pieces.

Suggested full fuse firing schedule:

200 dph to 1000ºF hold for 45 min
50 dph to 1250ºF hold for 25 min
500 dph to 1450ºF hold for 45 min
full to 1000ºF with no hold
200 dph to 950ºF hold for 60 min
100 dph to 800ºF with no hold
300 dph to 120ºF  with no hold

NOTE: This is a fairly conservative firing schedule, but you may need to make changes based on your kiln.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 American Mosaic Summit ~ Tacoma, WA

 The 2013 American Mosaic Summit has come to a close. We had a blast meeting new people, greeting old friends, finding new materials, sharing new techniques, and above all seeing the multitude of gorgeous mosaics!

Streuter Technologies' No Days Instructor Carrie Strope was able to team up with Susan Gamble of Santa Theresa Tileworks and Steve Shupper of Glass Accessories International to offer 2 four hour workshops titled, "Mixing It Up and Making It Great: Expanding Your Creativity with New Products and Technology." 

The workshops were open to all skill levels and focused on expanding the creative approach and mosaic materials palette, trying new tools and increasing knowledge of mounting methods and products for small and large scale, indoors and out-of-door projects.

 Students designed impromptu mosaics using Spectrum glass, Van Gogh glass, and thin, high fired, frost-resistant Skinny Tiles made by Santa Theresa Tile Works on wedi board with No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive, No Days Q Stik, or No Days Mesh.

Susan Gamble offered inspiration for design with a colorful presentation featuring various installations using Santa Theresa tiles and No Days adhesives. Steve Shupper gave a thorough overview of cutting glass and tiles using Toyo cutters and the Morton Portable Glass Shop to make strips, squares, triangles, diamonds and more. Carrie Strope finished by giving a quick demo of using Streuter's heat set adhesives and how to choose the proper adhesive for the job.

Not only did students leave with a nearly completed mosaic (we didn't grout in class), they received a special treat, as well! Steve handed each student the new Toyo pistol grip cutters with tap wheel (or vibrational) heads. Each student also went home with a roll of No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive, and samples of No Days Q Stik and Mesh.

We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did and can't wait to see pictures of finished projects! Thanks to everyone that took the class or stopped by the booth in the vendor marketplace. We can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No Days Road Show ~ Harmony Stained Glass, Pasadena, TX

Welcome to Harmony Stained Glass :)
I visited Harmony Stained Glass and met with my first Texas-sized Road Show! We had such a blast and were so busy that I didn't get to take many photos. Owner Joyce Sullivan has lots of enthusiasm and a large selection of glass, tools and supplies to choose from. If you're ever in the Houston area, head down to Pasadena and say hi!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Glass Craft & Bead Expo

2013 Glass Craft & Bead Expo, a set on Flickr.
Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth on the expo floor at the Glass Craft & Bead expo this year! The expanded in booth classes were a huge hit, and we look forward to offering more classes again next year. Until then, keep creating! Don't forget to share your project photos with us!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Merle Art Design ~ "Tree of Life"

   Merle Bouffard of Merle Art Design recently shared some images of a mosaic she completed for an assisted living facility in Canfield, Ohio. The "Tree of Life" is an 8 foot by 12 foot mosaic feature in the main lobby of The Inn at Ironwood. "I'm thrilled to have been able to create something for the residents there to enjoy."

Detail: "Tree of Life," Italian Glass, copper, steel, No Days Mosaic Mesh

The tree sculpture consisted of several pieces of steel colorized with patinas and pigment. The leaves are steel covered with Italian glass mosaic combined with copper leaves individually hand painted and colorized with metal stains. The result was a spectacular yet tranquil scene.
Merle Bouffard's "Tree of Life" ~ 8' x 12' ~
Italian glass, steel, copper, No Days Mosaic Mesh

See more pictures of the process at Merle Art Design.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Days Road Show - Allen Kenoyer Glass

No Days Instructor, Brenda Smith, recently visited Allen Kenoyer Glass for a No Days Road Show and this is what she had to say...
Brenda's Homecoming visit to Allen Kenoyer Glass

 "Allen Kenoyer Glass in Lawndale, CA was where I took my first glass class 10 years ago.  Being able to return to demonstrate Streuter Technologies Products  was very exciting for me,  going full circle and to get to see Lisa again!"
No Days Groutless Mosaics and tropical island treats
"The store has not changed in size from my first lead glass class, but now offers fusing classes, too.  The shop may be small but the potential to learn is huge; it is full of inspiring masterpieces in glass, so much so you will want to make them all!"