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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive - clean up

what is the best way to clean a brush after using it to apply No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive?
Thank you,

No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive is the BEST fusing adhesive!

Hello, R ~

When I'm using a brush with No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive, I'll generally have a paper towel next to me while working. I use it occasionally to wick some of the adhesive off of the brush (and little bits of frit when I get build up).

When I'm finished working, I'll just wipe the brush off on the paper towel by "painting" excess adhesive onto the paper towel. Then, I just let it dry. I generally dedicate this brush (actually, I have two dedicated brushes) to working with No Days. It will harden up, but when I use it on the next project, the brush will get saturated again and soften up.

However, if you don't want to dedicate a brush for working with No Days, then you can clean it up when you're done with a bit of oil. Any oil you've got lying around will work. I generally use canola oil, or cutting oil, because they're right there. Place the oil in a cap, small container, jar lid, etc. and paint the brush around in it. After getting it thoroughly saturated, put a bit of dish soap in the palm of your hand and swish the brush around in it. Rinse and then, VOILA! Clean and ready to use on something else!

Alternatively, you can use acetone (or acetone based fingernail polish remover). Just place a bit of the acetone in a jar and soak and clean the bristles in the acetone. But, I prefer the oil and soap method.

Hope this helps! If you have more questions or this didn't fully answer your question, feel free to contact me again!
Good luck!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Days Mosaic Mesh Advice from Leigh Adams

Hi Leigh, I just received my first order of No Days and am loving it! First, I just wanted to say thanks for the work you did here, pioneering this product for mosaic artists! 

Corn accents on No Days Mosaic Mesh, which
will be affixed to the wedi board using thinset.

Second, a question: the No Days Mesh came with an opaque release paper, and the instructions recommended I sketch my design directly onto the mesh. I found I can't achieve the level of detail I want by doing this, and would love to have my image directly behind the mesh to guide my work. Could you recommend a CLEAR, heat-resistant release paper I could use behind the mesh that would not obscure my image? Thanks so much for your time! Cheers! ~Lynn

Leigh Adams, the No Days Mosaic Mesh Queen

I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying the No Days mesh, Lynn! Since it is easiest to work in one foot squares (for installation purposes as well as ease of using the kitchen oven to adhere the tesserae), I create my design on any paper I want and divide it into workable shapes that I can piece together easily and conveniently. Then, instead of using the release paper (save it!), I use waxed paper and put the mesh on top of that. You can see your design and the mesh can be heated and will release. CAUTION! Test your wax paper. Some recent purchases have not been adequately strong, the paper was inferior. Try a test square and keep notes on what works for you And please let me see what you do!

Four 12" squares of mosaic built on No Days Mosaic Mesh

UPDATE: I have found that Reynolds Parchment paper (the side with the writing on it) will also work well as a release liner.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

No Days QStik Adhesive = Mosaic Wallpaper

What is No Days Q Stik Mosaic Adhesive?

  One side of the No Days Q Stik Mosaic Adhesive utilizes the advantages of No Days' heat activated adhesive for tile placement, while the back side of the Q Stik film contains an industrial strength, quick stick mounting adhesive for permanent mounting of your mosaic to a wide variety of large or small  interior surfaces, both horizontally and vertically.  It's basically, a customizable mosaic wallpaper. So, how do you use it?

Begin by cutting the Q Stik to size, then cut and place your mosaic tiles on the waxy side of the Q Stik. After all or part of your tiles are in place, use a heat gun or heat embossing tool to activate the heat set adhesive. Grab a pair of tweezers to move the tiles into place before they cool and bond to the Q Stik paper. (If they cool and you can't move them, you can always reheat them to re-position the tiles.)

When the adhesive and tiles have cooled down, the bond will be permanent (unless you decide to heat the tiles up to 160 degrees F / 70 degrees C), and you're ready to install. Peel back the paper the covers the pressure sensitive adhesive and press into place.

Depending upon where you're planning on installing the mosaic, you may need to support the adhesive for awhile before the permanent bond takes over. In the pictures, I've installed the mosaic upside down on an archway to see how well the QStik sticks. It's installed over some glossy paint in a strip roughly 6" x 18".

This was the last project on my to do list before leaving the studio, so I taped it to help keep it in place (just in case the adhesive needs some help sticking while it's curing). When I get back to the studio, I'll finish by grouting and then report back in intervals to let you know how well my mosaic wallpaper is sticking...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mosaic Holiday Ornaments with No Days Groutless

No Days Groutless Upcycled Mosaic Jar Lid Ornaments
It's that time of year when gift giving is sneaking up on us, and everyone is looking for ideas for homemade or handmade gifts to give. It's especially meaningful for the littles to be able to make something to give to their family members. If you're looking for fun, quick, and fairly inexpensive gifts for the kids to make for moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles...basically everyone on their list; then you'll want to check this out!

Tools & Materials needed:
  • No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive
  • metal jar lids
  • hammer & nail (to pierce jar lids)
  • sturdy wire (16 or 18 gauge brass, copper, steel)
  • round nose pliers / wire cutter (to cut and shape wire)
  • scissors (to cut groutless)
  • tweezers (helpful for placing tiles)
  • warming device (This can be a griddle, toaster oven, oven, candle warmer, heat gun, or heat embossing tool.)
  • tiles for mosaicing (or beads, baubles, sparkles, etc.)
  • mosaic nippers to cut tiles
  • safety glasses

Not only is this a nifty way to upcycle jar lids and make some beautiful gifts, this is a great project for the kiddos, as well as for working with more advanced mosaics. The process is simple and quick!

To begin with, you'll need to save your lids. Wash them in soap and water. Next, you'll need a way to hang them, so take them to the work shop and get a hammer, some small nails and a block of wood. Hammer the nails through the side of the lid to create 2 holes, like this:

Create a wire hanger with round nose pliers.
 After bending a length of wire into a U shape, fit the ends through the 2 holes in the lid. Then, using the pliers, bend each leg back on itself to secure it in place and prevent it from falling back out of the lid.

Insert the wire and bend it to fit inside the lid.
And here's a video for you visual learners :)

Once you've got the lid prepped, you can cut some No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive to fit the inside of the jar lid. You don't need to cut it exactly, and you can use scraps if you have them, too.

A candle warmer works great for setting the No Days Groutless into the jar lid.

I find that it's easiest to prep the adhesive by heating it and then letting it cool before using. That makes it lay flat against your substrate and turns several pieces into just one. If you need to cover any spaces that go bare after heating, you can spread the groutless around the surface of your lid like the video below shows:

After heating, it's best to let the adhesive cool down again before laying your tiles. I'm using a candle burner / wax warmer that is the perfect size for working with jewelry and small projects that conduct heat (like the metal lids). 

Here, you can see that once you turn the heat on and the heat transfers through the metal to the adhesive and then the tiles, you can move the tiles into place by sliding them or pushing them with tweezers. The tiles in the middle were placed while the adhesive was warm, but that tends to make a mess. If you wait until the adhesive is cooled, lay your tiles and then heat the whole thing, it tends to make less clean up of adhesive that has covered the surface of your tiles.

Below you can see my first attempt (top right) and second attempt (bottom left).  The tiles on the first star were laid while the warmer was on and the adhesive was liquid. The adhesive tends to get on your tool and the top surface of your tiles this way, leaving more clean up. The second star was laid after the adhesive had cooled and then heat set all at once, making much less of a mess to clean up.
No Days Groutless Starmen:
the star on the top right was laid in liquid Groutless, while
the star on the bottom left was laid on solid Groutless and
then heat set after all tiles were laid.
The adhesive that covered some of the surface of the tiles can be scraped at with a sharp tool, like a razor or small screwdriver. 
Close up shot of No Days Groutless Starman
This project works great for children's projects, too. Square tiles can be cut with nippers to fit in the lid in simple designs.
No Days Groutless Mosaic made with nipped squares.
Side note: Pixelated images are perfect for mosaics, and my niece is really into Super Mario Bros. (IT"S BACK!!!!) My brother (her father) and I used to play this game for hours when we were kids. I mostly watched him play. I used to design game levels with pencil and paper, but now you can do that with the new Mario Maker game!!! What?!? So, that's my inspiration for making the Starmen above :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

CMA Summit in Ashland, Oregon

Event Announcement!
The Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit  is being held October 1-4, 2015 in beautiful Ashland, Oregon!

 All attendees will receive No Days goodies in their welcome bag and one lucky raffle winner will receive a No Days Heat Gun, No Days Mosaic Mesh and No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive!

From the Contemporary Mosaic Art website:

"We’re holding the second annual Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit and would love to have you join us.

Internationally renowned mosaic art instructors - Laura Rendlen, John Sollinger, Carole Choucair Oueijan, Susan Wechsler, Karen Rycheck and Mireille Swinnen - are offering incredible workshops.

This year the summit also includes:  a mosaicathon that will benefit the Ashland Artwalk in the watershed, mosaic exhibit and silent auction at Belle Fiore Winery, Invitational Mosaic Art Exhibition,  Keynote speaker Brooks Tower speaking on “Philosophical Conundrums in The Practice of Mosaic”, Dawn Mendelson talking about creating community, Sue Springer, presenting a talk on “Moving to The Next Level; Professionalism And Presentation”, Kelley Knickerbocker will help us figure out what happens to our creativity and a very special evening with Lilian Broca will present "From Byzantium to Post Modernism", followed by the screening of the documentary, Return to Byzantium: The Art And Life of Lilian Broca.

There will be lots of relaxed time at meals and pub runs to meet and enjoy other artists passionate about mosaics... and much more!

All the details and registration are on the Summit Website,

Hope to meet you in Ashland"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No Days Mosaic Creations by Mary Anne Maslanka

Mary Anne Maslanka 
Locust Grove, GA 

 I have been using No Days Mosaic Adhesive almost as long as it has been produced. Both Brad and Bart Streuter have always been available and willing to take the time to answer any questions I have ever had...This company is doing everything right!
 Fleur de Lis Glass on Glass (GOG) mosaic made in an 18"X20" picture frame
using No Days Mosaic Adhesive and no grout.
As a stained glass artist and instructor for many years, I had never tried mosaics until Streuter introduced the No Days Mosaic Adhesive. It looked so easy, I had to try it....Then, I realized I could offer my students new projects using the product.
I made this glass on glass hummingbird mosaic
using a stained glass pattern, and No Days Mosaic Adhesive.
Now, every summer at a local senior center, I offer a glass on glass mosaic workshop so the senior members can bring their grandchildren for a fun few hours of using their imaginations and producing a small framed mosaic to take home...
I found this wooden cross at Hobby Lobby,
and I assembled it using No Days Groutless.
I also really like the No Days Bail Bond. I use it on small projects to attach a bail to hang instead of drilling a hole in the great!
This mosaic rose was created by a teen in one of my mosaic classes using just scrap glass, her imagination, and No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive.
I also use the No Days Glaze sometimes when attaching a zinc frame to my panels. I have even used it on a wooden frame...
This is a little round box with a glass insert in the lid that I bought at a thrift store.
I used No Days Mosaic Adhesive, then grouted it.

A small wooden tray I made using No Days Mosaic Adhesive.