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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mosaic Adhesive Film and Mesh Overview from No Days

Overview of Mosaic Adhesive Film and Mesh from Streuter Technologies-
Streuter Technologies offers two No Days products for mosaic enthusiasts: No Days Mosaic Mesh for vertical and horizontal mounting and No Days Mosaic Adhesive for direct application.

  [NOTE: We are constantly adding new products to our line based on feedback from our customers. If you have any ideas for products you'd like to see, or product feedback, contact us at]


No Days Mosaic Adhesive comes in sheets of 8.5" x 11” in packages of 5, 10, and 25 sheets OR in a 12” wide continuous roll of 100 feet.
The sheets are packaged with separator paper for easy removal. The film adhesive is easily cut to size using scissors or an exacto blade.

No Days Mosaic Mesh comes in sheets of 48" x 12" in packages of 1, 2, 5, or 10 sheets. It is also available in a 12” wide continuous roll of 50 feet.

The Mosaic Mesh is packaged with a white silicone release liner that is placed underneath the mesh when heat setting the adhesive. Do not throw this out.
The fiberglass mesh matrix is coated with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, allowing common bonding products (like thinset, cement, or mortar) to attach to the mesh, glass or tiles when mounting the entire mosaic vertically or horizontally.

The Advantages of using No Days Mosaic Adhesives:
No Days Mosaic Adhesives are heat set. The bond is strong and secure, but if your design changes while building your mosaic, you’re able to re-heat the adhesives to remove and reset your tesserae.
After you’ve heat set the adhesive, it cures within minutes and is ready to grout. So, there’s no waiting for glue to dry before finishing the project. This makes the mosaic adhesive ideal for time sensitive projects, like last minute gift ideas, projects with short turnaround times, and classroom situations.

No Days Mosaic adhesives are non-toxic. They’re not messy, tacky or sticky like other glues. They can be easily handled and cut to size.  

The NO Days Mosaic Adhesive can be used with a wide variety of substrates including wood, glass, particle board, drywall and medium density fiber board (MDF). It will not stick to silicone and is not recommended for use with plastic or rubber. (However, it has successfully been used in creating mosaics with plastic buttons. Use caution when heating the plastic.)

For most substrates, one layer of adhesive is plenty. But for deeply porous surfaces, you can overlap and layer the adhesive film for a secure bond.

The mosaic film is translucent, allowing you to see your pattern underneath.  If you want, you can even trace your pattern onto the film with a felt tip pen.

NO Days Mosaic Adhesives cannot be re-activated by indoor or outdoor temperatures due to its elevated phase-change temperature of 160 degrees F (71 degrees C). That is the point at which it is heated and turns from a solid to a liquid).

For heat setting the No Days Adhesives, Streuter Technologies recommends using a standard heat gun. For heat setting large sections at once, you can use the No Days Universal Curing Station.

-Heating sources (heat gun, embossing tool, curing station)

-Using a standard heat gun on low, begin to evenly heat a small section of mosaic by holding the heat gun 4"-6” above the project. The adhesive will begin to liquify where it’s not covered by glass or tile  first. But, you need to continue to heat the mosaic until the glass warms up and melts the adhesive underneath. It’s helpful to practice using the NO Days Mosaic Adhesive with transparent glass. This allows you to see the adhesive melting and will help you to get a feel for how long it takes to heat set your pieces. Using a tool (like tweezers or a dental pick) while you’re heating will also help you to feel when the adhesive is beginning to melt to the glass. Initially, the glass will sort of skid across the surface of your substrate. But, when the adhesive has grabbed onto both surfaces, the glass will begin to glide across the surface. If you overheat, your pieces can begin to slide around on their own. If this happens, you can move them back into place with your tool.

When you’re done using the heat gun, make sure to set it with the point facing straight up to ensure the longevity of your heat gun. This forces the residual heat to rise up through the end of the gun, instead of getting trapped and burning out the elements.

-Curing station

The No Days Universal Curing Station makes the heat setting process even quicker and allows you to multi-task while waiting for your pieces to heat. It works best for mosaics that are level. The curing station needs to come in contact with the glass in order to heat the pieces properly. If the curing station is smaller than your mosaic, you can heat set in sections. The weight of the curing station will hold your glass pieces in place, so if you overheat the piece, you won’t need to worry about the pieces moving. If you have fused elements, jewels or other pieces that stick out away from your mosaic, you’ll need to cure the mosaic in steps. Cure the flat mosaic first, then adhere the thicker pieces in place with a heat gun.

After your pieces have cooled, the adhesive is cured and ready to grout. 

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