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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Using a Soldering Iron to Attach a Bail to a Pendant with No Days BailBond

Heating No Days BailBond using a Soldering Iron

No Days BailBond is a heat set adhesive that is quick and easy to use. By heat setting with a battery powered portable electronics soldering iron:
  • You’re able to feel when the NO Days BailBond is beginning to adhere. 
  • You can pinpoint the heat exactly where you need it. 
  • It’s portable and easy to use at a show, where you may not have access to electricity.

To use, place a piece of the No Days BailBond on the pendant and cover it with your finding.
Hold the bail level with your pendant with a stack of playing cards, business cards, or whatever you have handy.
Begin to heat by touching the soldering iron to the bail. Be careful not to touch the tip of the soldering iron, which reaches temperatures of 600-700 degrees F (315-370 degrees C). 

As the heat begins to liquify the adhesive, the bail will glide along the surface of the pendant.
Use the soldering iron to hold the bail in place. Continue to heat the piece until the glass warms up a bit, because the No Days BailBond won’t fully adhere unless both the bail and the pendant are heated. 

No Days BailBond allows you to quickly change out bails and findings for a different color or size.
Pendants are ready to wear as soon as the piece cools. There's no waiting for glue to dry, and no toxic or sticky chemicals.

If you decide to change out a bail, use the soldering iron to reactivate the adhesive just enough to release the bail. Scrape off any excess adhesive with a straight razor or exacto blade.

Place another strip of BailBond on the pendant to heat and adhere.

The more you use BailBond, the easier it becomes to see and feel the point where the BailBond has fully adhered.

A few things to remember when using a soldering iron to attach bails:
  • Don’t use the soldering iron on the glass itself, as you’ll likely thermal shock and shatter your artwork. 
  • Make sure that both the bail and the pendant are heated so the adhesive can grab on to both surfaces and fully adhere. 
  • Be careful not to touch the tip of the soldering iron, which reaches temperatures of 600-700 degrees F (315-370 degrees C).

Using a soldering iron to attach the bail takes about a minute. If you’re sitting at a show, you can use this minute to connect with your customer.

For more tips and tricks for working with No Days BailBond, visit our Video Gallery at  For ordering information or help with questions, email:

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