Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Want to share your artwork made using NO Days products with the world? We want to help you promote your work! We love seeing the various ways artists are using NO Days products! We share our Featured Artist spotlight with our newsletter subscribers, our Facebook friends and fans, on our Featured Artist Page and right here on our blog, linking back to your website.

Simply send an email to with the subject: Featured Artist. Be sure to include your name, email address, and website (if you have one) along with a brief bio and pictures of yourself and your artwork made with NO Days Products. Not sure what to include in a bio? Tell us how you became interested in playing with glass or crafts. How about where you get your inspiration? Oh! And don't forget to tell us why you love using NO Days!

Monday, February 27, 2012

NO Days Road Show at Glass Delights - Pennsville, NJ

Welcome to Glass Delights on the beautiful shores of the Delaware River!

Streuter Instructor, Carrie Strope Sohayda recently visited Glass Delights in Pennsville, New Jersey on the beautiful shores of the Delaware River. It's a winding road past Supawna Meadows & Kilcohook National Wildlife Refuges, and through Fort Mott State Park to a quiet, quaint little neighborhood shop.
Lamps, mosaics, jewelry, etc...
When you walk in the door, you are greeted by inspiration and if you're shopping for a souvenir or gift, there's no shortage of ideas!

Friday, February 24, 2012

NO Days University at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas

Spring is in the air and the Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo is getting nearer.  Have you seen the NO Days University class schedule? These mini-classes are designed to fit around your class schedule and shopping.

What are some of the techniques you'll learn? We've got fusing, leaded stained glass, and mosaic classes designed to teach you how to cut back on project assembly time using the NO Days line of products.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you finish your project!

During the ThinFuse Mosaic Class, you'll learn how to eliminate a tack firing in your kiln by adhering your pieces to your glass using NO Days ThinFuse. We'll "grout" with frit and secure that in place with NO Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive. Once the adhesive has dried, the frit will be so secure that you'll have no trouble transporting the piece back to your kiln to fire. 

glueFOIL and NO Days Mosaic Adhesive created this butterfly
Join us for the glueFOIL Mosaic Coaster Class, and learn how to get creative using scrap textured clear stained glass to make stunning mosaics. We'll piece together our designs using glueFOIL, then adhere the glass to our substrates with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive and grout immediately! You'll leave with a new technique in your mosaic arsenal and your sample coaster to remind you how you did it.

NO Days Glaze makes building a leaded window much quicker
Have you seen or heard of NO Days Glaze, but just haven't had the time or project to test it out with? Join us for the NO Days Glaze Sun Catcher Class and see how easy it is to use. You'll see that it's such a time saver, that you'll wonder why you aren't using it in every leaded glass project!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Featured Artist - Logan Niles of Lather Unusual

Soap Maven, Logan Niles

Logan Niles is a true Renaissance Woman with professional and artistic experience across many mediums. A graduate from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America with over 26 years in the food service industry, Logan has experienced a varied creative life to date. Be it as a busy caterer and Executive Chef in New York City, a nationally heard voice-over actress, a food stylist and photographer, or a budding mosaic artist; her hands are rarely still for long. If there are creative avenues to be explored you will most likely find Logan at their crossroads learning, teaching, consulting and exploring new ways to think outside of the box.  Logan currently heads up the manufacturing of culinary inspired artisanal bath & beauty products for her company Lather Unusual while raising her young son amongst the verdant green of Seattle, WA.

Friday, February 17, 2012

NO Days Road Show at Glass Endeavors - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Grouting" with fine frit

Welcome to Glass Endeavors in Minneapolis, MN!

"In addition to offering supplies and classes, Glass Endeavors also makes a wide variety of stained glass windows, stained glass lamps, fused jewelry, slumped bowls, mosaic tables, mosaic stepping stones and many other one-of-a-kind products to sell...our supply of retail products constantly changes. If you are looking for something specific, talk to us about our custom design services."

The stained glass shop is lavishly decorated with plenty of inspiration and projects. But, it also has large worktables with plenty of tools available for use during open studio hours (2 hours for $10). Zoi & John Sandy also host the monthly meeting of the Glass Club!

"Join other stained and fused glass enthusiasts for the monthly meeting of Glass Club. The club is designed for people of all skill levels and is designed to share work they've done and learn new techniques in the process. The club meets the first Saturday each month at Glass Endeavors. The months will alternate with show and tell of the Glass Club members and Zoi teaching a new technique. The members' homework is to incorporate the new technique into a project of your choice and bring it to the meeting two months later. This is a great opportunity to ask unlimited questions and learn not only from the experience of Zoi and John, but from the other members as well. You'll be inspired and challenged in new and exciting ways. Watch the class schedule for the next meeting. No advance registration is required."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NO Days Road Show at Glassic Arts - DeLand, Florida

NO Days Demo with Carrie Strope Sohayda
Welcome to Glassic Arts in DeLand, Florida! Glassic Arts is a small stained glass studio that specializes in creating custom stained glass entryways, kitchen cabinet inserts, room dividers, fused glass vases, bowls, wall art, and more. In addition, stained glass, glass fusing, and lampworking classes are offered!
Studio owner, Kathi Truba explaining "pressed glass"
Plus, if you're too hot in the balmy Florida weather, you can work during open studio hours in an air-conditioned studio for just $5 an hour! As an added bonus, if you need to send any fragile handmade creations to friends, relatives or clients, Glassic Arts is a Safe Ship center with expertise in shipping glass safely!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NO Days Road Show - Glass Garden, Janesville, Wisconsin

Welcome to the Glass Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin!
It was a cold, snowy day when we set up the NO Days Road Show in Janesville, Wisconsin, but the snow was just a dusting and it was warm and toasty inside.

Shop owner, Judy getting ready for 17 students!

The Glass Garden has a huge inventory, from finished projects to glass, frames, pattern books and other supplies for fusing, stained glass and mosaic. They also offer beginning and advanced classes to show you how to build your very own work of art.

Ready for your studio tour?