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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ordering, Sizing and Securing No Days Glaze for Stained Glass

No Days Glaze by Streuter Technologies are pre-formed glazing strips made for use in the construction of leaded or zinc stained glass windows. 

No Days Glaze comes in rolls of 25 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft and 250 ft.
and in three colors: black, clear and pewter.

It comes in seven widths from 1/8” up to ¼” so you can fit the lead or zinc that you prefer to use.

When ordering No Days Glaze, you need to consider your lead, which is sold according to the width of its face.  The widths of the No Days Glaze will not match this measurement, because it is not applied to the lead face, but in the lead channel. This channel width is the measurement you need to know when ordering No Days Glaze.

For easily identifying the width of your lead or zinc channel, contact Streuter Technologies for a free No Days Glaze Gauge Kit.   The gauges allow you to easily and exactly fit the different lead and zinc cames that you use. 

When you’ve determined the width of glaze that you’ll use, it’s time to place it in your came. If the fit is snug, you may need to use your fingernail, a leading nail, a flat head screwdriver,  a screen roller, a fid, or even scissors to help the glaze into the channel. A snug fit ensures that the glaze will not curl or fall out of the channel during use.

I’ll let you watch as I demonstrate how easy it is to nudge the glaze into the channel using any of the tools mentioned. 

All of the tools are easy to use, but I found that the screen roller was the most efficient for prepping long stretches of lead and edge came.

If this is a step that you find yourself wanting to skip, Streuter Technologies does offer pre-glazed lead strips and edge cames custom made to order.

Once the glazing is secured in the lead channels, you’re ready to build your window. There are a few different methods to constructing a stained glass window using No Days Glaze.  

Visit for more instructional videos.
For ordering information or help with questions, email

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