Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Want to share your artwork made using NO Days products with the world? We want to help you promote your work! We love seeing the various ways artists are using NO Days products! We share our Featured Artist spotlight with our newsletter subscribers, our Facebook friends and fans, on our Featured Artist Page and right here on our blog, linking back to your website.

Simply send an email to with the subject: Featured Artist. Be sure to include your name, email address, and website (if you have one) along with a brief bio and pictures of yourself and your artwork made with NO Days Products. Not sure what to include in a bio? Tell us how you became interested in playing with glass or crafts. How about where you get your inspiration? Oh! And don't forget to tell us why you love using NO Days!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Featured Artist ~ Merle Bouffard of Merle Art Design

Merle Bouffard is the artist and designer behind Merle Art Design. She specializes in custom elements for the home including furniture, Italian glass and marble mosaic, and wall art. "I love providing decorators or home-owners something that has personal meaning as well as serving as a functional piece of art. "
Merle Bouffard and a custom back splash she created using No Days Mosaic Mesh
Merle enjoys using heat activated No Days Mosaic Mesh for mounting her mosaics because "it is great for delicate glass mosaics, but is also strong enough to hold the marble pieces together as well." She also likes to stabilize her intricate mosaics further by "front mounting with paper and back mounting with the No Days Mosaic Mesh. It is the way to go!"  

Gorgeous bathroom with matching dogwood mosaics
For the Dogwood Mosaic in the picture above, Merle used a similar technique. "It was an intricate glass mosaic of Dogwood flowers for a shower floor installation. It was 4' x 4'. The mosaic was so complex, I really didn't want to separate it into too many pieces to install. I face mounted it with paper then turned it over and back mounted it with the No Days Mosaic Mesh. I used the heat gun you sent that allowed instant adhesion with no disturbing of the tiles. It was great!! My installer applied a skin coat of thinset as well and let it dry. We were able to lift and maneuver a very large piece without losing one piece of glass. I'm so glad I found this product. It is the answer for so many problems and frustrations I've had in the past."

Merle is a prolific designer and creator; check out more of her work with No Days Mesh here. To see more of her designs for the home, including wall art and tables, visit
Merle Bouffard's "Tree of Life" ~ 8' x 12' ~
Italian glass, steel, copper, No Days Mosaic Mesh

Pictured above is an 8 foot by 12 foot "Tree of Life" mosaic Merle created using No Days Mesh, Italian glass, patinated steel, and copper.  She shares more of the process here.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creating a Purse Hanger using No Days Bailbond Project Sheet

To download the pdf, visit Streuter's project gallery.

Do you have a bunch of cabochons lying around waiting to become jewelry? Try changing things up a bit and making a purse hanger or a bracelet. No Days Bailbond works great for adding all kinds of findings to your glass creations.

Miniature Dichroic Cabochons attached to a disk bracelet with No Days Bailbond

Dichroic glass cabochon glued to a bracelet finding from Slumpy's
Dichroic Dot Earrings by CalyxAnn on etsy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Days Road Show - Tingley Glass, Scranton, PA

Tingley Glass all set up for Valentine's Day
I recently visited Tingley Glass in Dickson City, Pennsylvania for the first No Days Road Show of 2013. I was amazed by the knowledgeable staff and beautifully organized gift shop and studio.
Nightlights and coasters are among the many gifts you can find in the retail store

Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Days Doodle Plate Project Sheet

To download the pdf, visit Streuter's project gallery.
Detail of 'Tiger Lily' by Calyx Glass
   The Doodle Plate is created using a sheet of clear fusible glass, Carolina frit, No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive, Glassline pens and a pattern template. By designing on both sides of the clear glass, you can add a lot of depth and interest to your piece and make it look much more complicated than it actually is!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Merle Art Design ~ Floral Mosaic Backsplash

Every so often, we receive photos of projects completed using No Days adhesives. We love opening our inbox to see beautiful artwork created by talented artists, as well as sharing those pictures with the rest of our network. 
Custom kitchen backsplash created by Merle Bouffard
using No Days Mosaic Mesh
 I'd like to introduce you to Merle Bouffard's wonderful world of mosaics. She shares lots of images and the stories behind her mosaics on her website, Merle Art Design.

The latest mosaic she's shared is a floral glass tile mosaic back splash.
Detail: left side of the sink
 Merle worked with her customer on the design and came up with a concept that was based on the upholstery used in the kitchen chairs and drapery.

Detail: right side of the kitchen sink

For more information, and to see how well the mosaic matches the upholstery, visit: