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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Faux Screen Printing on Fused Glass Using No Days Mosaic Adhesive and Glass Powders

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive for Fusing

 Using NO Days Mosaic Adhesives with fused glass powders, you can create intricate designs on fused glass to make faux screenprinted or stamped designs without the inconsistency and mess of mixing mediums.  The NO Days Mosaic Adhesive burns clean, leaving you with a detailed pattern in glass. 

  CAUTION: Be sure to use a proper respirator when working with glass powders.

Begin by choosing your design. You can use an exacto blade to trace an image. Otherwise, it’s easy to use paper punches and decorative edged scissors to make multiple identical designs. It’s even possible that your local scrapbooking store has die-cut machines available for use, which will allow you even more options for patterns and shapes. 


After carefully removing the No Days Mosaic Adhesive film and arranging it on your glass, you’re ready to apply the glass powder and heat. It’s possible to heat before adding the powders, but the powders will help to hold the adhesive in place when it liquifies. It’s also handy to lightly burnish the No Days Mosaic Adhesive to press it against the glass.

For heating small areas of single thickness glass (1/8”), holding the glass over a tea light candle to heat the adhesive slowly will help keep the adhesive in place. By heating the No Days Mosaic Adhesive before applying the powder, you can see when the adhesive has melted, and get a feel for how long it takes to heat. This heating method does take a bit longer, so I’d only recommend it for small areas. Alternatively, you can powder over the adhesive and then heat, but it will be harder to see when the adhesive has melted.

For larger projects, you can use a toaster oven, electric skillet or your kiln. Place the glass piece in or on the heating source at room temperature and set it for 200 degrees F (93 degrees C) for approximately 10 minutes. Let the kiln, oven, or hot plate cool down to room temperature before removing the glass and knocking off the excess powders. CAUTION: If using a toaster oven, it should not be used for food preparation, as the glass powders should not be ingested, and could contaminate the cooking area.

Once the No Days Mosaic Adhesive has cooled, the powders are held securely to the glass underneath. When adding these elements to other fused glass projects, it’s good to pre-fire them to a tack fuse. This will help prevent bubbles from forming in the final project. Now, you can layer the pieces to create more depth and detail in your fused glass art projects.

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