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Monday, January 30, 2012

NO Days Q Stik Mosaic Adhesive for Interior Mosaic Mounting

 No Days Q Stik Mosaic Adhesive from Streuter Technologies is a heat set adhesive with an easy peel backing that reveals an industrial strength, pressure sensitive adhesive, ideal for permanently mounting mosaic design elements to interior surfaces, from picture frames, mirrors, mirror frames, and furniture, as well as wall spaces.

Streuter’s heat set adhesive offers the convenience of being able to quickly cure tiles in place for immediate grouting, as well as the freedom of being able to remove or reposition tiles easily if you change your mind or the design. The thickness of the heat set adhesive allows it to fully conform even around contours of thick, porous or uneven tiles creating a strong bond. The addition of the pressure sensitive adhesive allows for even more flexibility in using the heat set adhesive, including working on glass surfaces such as mirror without worry of thermal shock, or the ability to vertically mount tile without using  silcone, thinset or mortar.

To begin, cut Q Stik to the size of the area you wish to mosaic using scissors or a razor. (You can work in small sections and then piece them together when mounting.)

Secure the Q Stik (with the peel-n-stick side facing down) to a heatproof work surface using long pins or thumbtacks, making sure that only the pin is touching the surface of the adhesive. (Otherwise, you will have to remove the pins by re-heating.)

After cutting your tiles (glass, ceramic, stone, wood, etc.), arrange them loosely and heat set using a heat gun set to low.

Heat gradually by moving the heat gun slowly across a small section of tiles, until the heat set adhesive starts to liquefy and grab onto the tiles. Using a pair of tweezers (or other long, heatproof tool) push on the tiles to position and set them in the adhesive.  

You can move and position the pieces while you’re heating, or give them a good amount of heat and move them around in the few minutes after you’ve finished heating.
If the tiles cool and stop moving, but are not where you want them, simply re-heat and re-position. When you’re done using the heat gun, set it aside with the point facing straight up. This forces the residual heat to rise up through the end of the gun, instead of getting trapped and burning out the elements.

[Wait 3-5 minutes for the tiles to cool and the adhesive to set, then check the bond on the tiles to make sure they have fully adhered. If any of the tiles pop off, then you need to heat them longer. The tiles need to be approximately 160 degrees F, or 70 degrees C.]

Clean the substrate surface so that it’s free of oil and dust.

Secure the mosaic in place and begin to peel away the backing to bond the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) coated side with your substrate. You can cut the mosaic sheet into small pieces and secure one at a time, or peel away a corner of the mosaic sheet and apply in a similar fashion as a shelf liner.

Press the tiles firmly into place, and you’re ready to grout!

Mix sanded grout to the consistency of wet sand, and using gloved hands, spread the grout by pushing and pulling across the surface of the tiles, which forces it into the crevices between the tiles. Let the grout sit for a few minutes before wiping away the haze and lightly buffing with a rag or paper towel.

You’re finished and your mosaic is ready for the world!

For more project ideas and instructional videos, visit
For ordering information or help with questions, email: or call toll free 1-888-989-3832


  • Use in an area free from excessive moisture/direct contact with water, such as a shower stall.
  • The pressure sensitive adhesive is sticky, but if you don’t place it all the way down, it’s possible to pull it back up carefully.
  • Use long, straight pins to secure the edges of the Q Stik to your heat proof surface. 
  • Apply large sections in the same manner that you would apply shelf paper, or cut the mosaic into smaller pieces that are easy to mount and piece together.

Available in sheets of 12”x24” or 48”x12”

•  Quickly heat apply glass, ceramic, stone or wood tiles to the heat activated side
•  Easily re-work tile placement by re-heating and either removing or repositioning
•  Apply heat with a standard heat gun or embossing heat tool
•  Allows for large surface area projects to be built in sections
•  Quick curing, non-toxic and easy to use
•  Horizontal or vertical mosaic mounting solution
•  Quick stick industrial strength adhesive backing allows for immediate and permanent mosaic mounting


  1. Sounds like a great product. Is it appropriate for a fireplace surround?

  2. It should be fine as a fireplace surround...AS LONG AS...that area doesn't reach 160 degrees F (70 degrees C). The fireplace should be insulated to keep the surface of the fireplace surround from getting that hot, but you'll want to double check. 160 degrees F is too hot to touch. Another solution would be to mount the traditional way using thinset or mortar with the No Days Mosaic Mesh (