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Monday, September 30, 2013

Q&A ~ Using No Days Q-Stik for Windows

Subject: Streuter Technologies: Q Stik temperatures

Can a glass piece made on No Days Q Stik be fitted vertically in a window (10 1/2"w x 23" h)  without problems?  I'm planning on building a window to fit a south facing window in Arizona. In the fall, winter & spring, the sun will be directly hitting the window. The room in the summer is not air conditioned, so inside temperature will be about 85-90 degrees.

Are you wanting to do a mosaic on glass? The QStik isn't transparent, so you would be able to see the film between any pieces of glass.
Otherwise, the heat set adhesive doesn't reactivate until it reaches 160dF. It should be fine.
Does this help?

Bobbi Barnes mosaic window made using No Days Q-Stik

Hi, Carrie~
I finished the 2 windows. I really like and enjoy using your products. The only problem I had was if the glass was uneven on the back the glue wasn't adhering to all the surface.
Thanks for your help!

Hope you enjoy the pictures; the design came from a few pictures and my brain!

Bobbi Barnes mosaic window made using No Days Q-Stik

 To answer the question in the comments below and to clarify (ha!) the point of transparency, I've included some pictures of my own project that I threw together in 3 hours + plus grouting.
Backlit from the front. Carrie's project with Q-Stik and scrap stained glass.
Here is the window I threw together in one evening (minus grouting). I used glass strictly from the scrap bin in the studio, so I've got a wide variety of glasses to look through.
Backlit and looking at the back of the panel.
When the panel is lit from behind, the No Days Q-Stik doesn't really hinder the appearance of the mosaic window.
You'll notice that the non-transparency of the Q-Stik becomes a problem
if you're looking at the panel from the back, without back-lighting.
However, if the window is not lit from behind, well...then, you can see all the areas where the glass is not attached to the adhesive (bubbles) and a bit of a haze from the pressure sensitive adhesive film.
A big problem area for me was this bit of scrap stained glass
that made up the leaf. It was not flat at all! In fact, I went back and
intentionally broke it so it would lay flat without getting grout underneath.
The detail shot gives you a glimpse of my big problem area (from behind, so it's never a problem if no one sees this side of the window) where the glass I used for the leaf curves away from the window and adhesive sheet.

Hope this helps to clear up some of the questions. If not, let me know and I'll try to help out further!


  1. Your windows are beautiful! I'm confused about the comment that the Q-stick is not transparent. Isn't it transparent once the backing is removed? What did you use to frame the windows?

    1. I've updated the post and added some pictures, so hopefully that helps to answer some of your questions. :)

  2. The windows above are by artist Bobbi Barnes. I'm not sure what she used to frame them, but it looks like patinated zinc edge came. There is a thin film between the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Heat Sensitive Adhesive sides of the Q-Stik, so it's not transparent. With the choices in glass that Bobbi used, though, you can't tell. I'll try and get a photo example added to the bottom of this post in the next couple of days... Carrie