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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Days Road Show - Tingley Glass, Scranton, PA

Tingley Glass all set up for Valentine's Day
I recently visited Tingley Glass in Dickson City, Pennsylvania for the first No Days Road Show of 2013. I was amazed by the knowledgeable staff and beautifully organized gift shop and studio.
Nightlights and coasters are among the many gifts you can find in the retail store

Tingley glass had a beautiful display of groutless mosaics
including the snowman stake and the crosses with Van Gogh glass
We started the day off with Groutless Mosaics. I am always so amazed by the creativity of the students and this group did not disappoint! I generally don't provide patterns, but try to provide ideas and inspiration instead. The staff at Tingley Glass were so ready to help that the students had no problem coming up with ideas or finding the right glass for their designs.

Groutless Mosaic Birch Forest
I will point out that the smaller the pieces you use in your mosaic, the longer it takes to complete. So, we did have a few people (after my own heart - I can't resist teeny, tiny pieces) that didn't finish in two hours, but put their pieces away for the next day...
Groutless Mosaics, Extreme-Style: look at those tiny pieces!
Groutless Mosaics
Next up, glueFOIL mosaics...
Figuring out the design elements for our glueFOIL mosaics
This is one of the techniques that doesn't always get a big reception, and I think we've finally figured out a way to present it as a class that makes students appreciate the blingyness and depth that the glueFOIL creates. Instead of covering our entire substrate (picture frame) with glueFOIL, we used it mainly as accents.
Remind you of roses?
The glueFOIL is covered by textured clear glass stamped to make the texture pop and add layers of depth to mosaics. This was definitely the most successful class I've taught with this technique, which is obvious when you look at the finished results.
Louise came up with a new "stamping" technique using a silver sharpie on black glueFOIL
The last class of the day was the No Days Stepping Stone class. All the classes were full for the Road Show, and this one accidentally got overfull. So, it ran a bit longer than we expected, but everyone was able to finish grouting and go home with finished stepping stones at the end of the day.
No Days Stepping Stones
The great thing about the Road Show classes is that you don't have to know a thing about glass to walk away with a masterpiece. It's a great way to get introduced to glass and see if you'd like to delve into a new hobby.
Another beautiful glueFOIL mosaic

Louise's been No Days-ed!
See all of the pictures from the Road Show at Tingley Glass on our Facebook page.

Tingley Glass
816 Scranton-Carbondale Highway
Dickson City, PA 18508 (570) 342-2320


  1. Gina and I had so much fun learning a new way to work with glass. It was a great class. Thanks!
    Sue & Gina Rosetti

  2. Thanks for coming out to play with us! :) Carrie