Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Featured Artist Laury Burns of Mywave Mosaics

Laury Burns of Mywave Mosaics

Laury Burns of Mywave Mosaics hails from a large family, the youngest of 7 kids, who were interested in all things art from a very young age. She made a conscious decision during childhood not to major in art, believing it would be too hard to make a living as an artist. With her father's profession as an anatomy professor, and her love of math and science, it made sense for Laury to get her B.S. in Zoology instead.
Mosaic Bull Skull

After supporting herself for years in a profession totally unrelated to art or zoology, she has made the transition back to her childhood passion working with her hands and her heart, creating as many art projects in her free time as possible: sculpture, mosaics, jewelry, tables, costumes and whatever else comes to mind.
Tiki Bar
"My artistic background includes ceramics, jewelry, interior design, and mosaics. Currently, I am in the process of creating a line of mosaic cow skulls. I inherited my love of skulls from my father, the anatomy professor. I love working with 3 dimensional forms and multi media. My favorite mediums to work with are shells, stained glass, glass tile, marbles, resin and found objects."

Happy Puffer Fish Detail
"I used the 'No Days Mosaic Mesh' for the very first time in the construction of the wave around the bar top. It worked awesomely, and the mosaic turned out much better than it would have with regular mortar. My waves lined up nice and perfect! I still have plenty of No Days Mosaic Mesh left and can't wait for inspiration for my next project! " 
Butterfly Detail
She currently lives in Tempe, AZ with her best friend and husband of 17 years, Kevin, and dogs Bongo and Puka. "We enjoy life, love to cook, grow lots of hot peppers (habaneros and bhut jolokias), and look forward to traveling as much as possible!"
Moai Detail
Read more about Laury and see her work on her website, her Facebook page and her Etsy shop, where you'll find necklaces that Laury has made for her favorite local Tempe, AZ band "Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers" (formerly known as "The Refreshments").
Monkey Detail

Puffer Fish Detail

Skeleton Cat Detail
Laury's Island Oasis

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