Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Linda's No Days Mosaics

Linda's beautiful garden bench
We love it when you share your projects with us! It's so inspiring to see the creativity that all of our No Days family members (that's you!) possess. Here are some photos that Linda shared with us...

Linda's Gorgeous Groutless Mosaic Upcycled Chair
"I used  No Days Mosaic Adhesive on this project. I use it on almost all my projects. I have also used the Groutless Mosaic Adhesive. I like taking old things and making them look beautiful. I am going to attach a few other pictures to show you. The chair I am sending you was made with the Groutless because I felt grout would not last in that area." 
Linda's Mosaic Mailbox
"I love doing glass on glass. I still have not been able to keep bubbles from showing, but when I use the right glass very little shows. I am not able to put my glass on glass in the oven because of the size of the pieces. I have seen the work of others that you have put online and I think mine is so simple compared to some you have shown. I learned how to do stained glass more than 35 years ago. I then raised a family and had a teaching job.  I just retired last year and went to the stepping stone class. I have found something that I love to do again!"  
Linda's Lovely stained glass mosaic recycled window
"Because of No Days Mosaic Adhesive I have tried so many things. There really isn't much more room in my house, I will have to start making things for others! I have decided if I can not sell things, people will start getting them as gifts... I'm not going to stop trying to make things better...Oh, use any picture you like, all was made with No Days Mosaic Adhesive." ~Linda
Linda's wonderful woodland window
Check out more of Linda's creations at Garlin Stained Glass on Facebook!

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  1. Love re-purposing especially antiques. Using mosaics to top tables whose surfaces are not perfect, clay pots with chipped rims, add special touches to my home and garden! I am planning to live in a tree house; lots of dark wood, lots of light, ethnic textiles in bright colours, artwork with broken old china, doll house miniatures, charms. My lovely oak antiques get a modern uptake with new bright colours. I have always had great decorating ideas, but no real artistic talent, but I'm going to have a try at your ideas, and see what happens. right now I use piniterest to gather ideas, and see how they work together. Doing something for the environment is VERY important so recycling the old and inperfect into new pieces makes great sense. Than you for getting my brain "cooking" I just hope my body at 65 will allow me to get it done. I'm starting small with light switch covers, and moving to trays and mirrors. Mirrors in garden and home (tree house) makes the spaces appear larger. bought some books on Add-all and amazonsmile to get my mind salivating! THANKS, and keep teaching, even old cats can learn new tricks. (I'm not a dog person) I am looking for themes, fantacies like Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Middle earth, or Beatrix potter, nature's lessons for an Edwardian lady. What themes can you think of? Mary in Oregon