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Monday, July 22, 2013

Q&A Monday ~ Mixed Media Techniques with Apoxie Sculpt & No Days Mosaic Mesh

Subject: Streuter Technologies: No Days Mosaic Mesh

Hi, this is my first time using your mesh, do I have to complete my project before using the heat gun or can I keep using the heat gun when I finish a section of my project before the complete mosaic is finished?

Also I want to use some beads in my mosaic can I use Apoxie Sculpt to lay my beads down in place and when the Apoxie drys use the heat gun for the surrounding stained glass?

Thank you,
Peggy Lindstrom

Detail of Peggy's owl on No Days Mesh with
Apoxie Sculpt holding the beads in place.

Hi, Peggy~
It's not necessary to finish the whole mosaic before heat setting sections. In fact, one mosaic artist I know likes to build cookie sheet sized sections of her mosaic, so she can put part of the mosaic in the oven to set while she works on the next section!
You do need to remember to build your mosaic on the No Days Mesh on top of the shiny side of the white release liner that comes in the package with the mesh. If you build on the non-shiny surface or forget it altogether, your mosaic and mesh will stick to the paper or surface that you're building on. After you've heat set a section, you do need to let it cool down before moving it, so that the release liner doesn't stick. The adhesive will peel off of it when it cools down, but when it's hot, it likes to stick to the liner.

The project you're working on sounds intriguing! I'd never heard of Apoxie Sculpt. I'm not sure what the makeup of the product is, but No Days Adhesive will stick to everything except silicon (the shiny side of the release liner has a silicon coating). I don't know if Apoxie will hold up to the heat gun, you may want to give them a call and ask them or make a small sample test piece. The website says that it's not flammable, but that doesn't guarantee that it won't discolor. If it doens't hold up to the heat, you could always lay down the Apoxie Sculpt and beads after heat setting the stained glass pieces.
I'd really love to see your mosaic when you've finished. I'm curious about the Apoxie Sculpt, too. I may have to think of a good reason to buy it and play with a new technique :)
I've linked to a video below from our YouTube channel specifically regarding the mesh, and also the website of the company that creates the Apoxie Sculpt and what I read about it.
Good luck!
Carrie Strope Sohayda

Work In Progress: Peggy of PalsCreations on Etsy shared
this image of her owl in a tree done on No Days Mesh.

Hi Carrie,

 Here are the pictures of the mosaic I'm working on: a tree with a little owl in the tree. I've outlined the owl with beads that I attached to the mesh with Apoxie Sculpt; it dries hard like cement and held up fine with the heat.  It's actually going to be a baby mural for one of my teammates (I belong to piecemakers, a team on etsy) who is having a baby this year. It's a collaborative effort, we are all making separate pieces and one person is going to put it all together, I'll send you a picture when its complete. My shop name is
Thanks again,

No Days Instructor and Support
Carrie Strope Sohayda

Hi, there! Carrie, here...

Not only do I travel the country teaching folks how to use No Days adhesives (and other techniques), but I also answer customer support emails about using No Days. So, if you're having an issue with the adhesives, chances are good that I'll be answering your questions!
Since I get so many good questions, I thought it might be a great learning opportunity for people that may be having some of the same issues but haven't thought to email us. Don't worry, I'll keep the emails anonymous (unless you want to share pictures and take credit or share web links to your site)!  

Also, don't forget that we've got a lot of really fabulous videos (I put those together, too...) on our YouTube channel. So for those of you who are visual learners (umm...we're visual artists, right?), you may want to check them out!

If you've got questions, feel free to contact us at

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