Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Want to share your artwork made using NO Days products with the world? We want to help you promote your work! We love seeing the various ways artists are using NO Days products! We share our Featured Artist spotlight with our newsletter subscribers, our Facebook friends and fans, on our Featured Artist Page and right here on our blog, linking back to your website.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

NO Days University at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas

Spring is in the air and the Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo is getting nearer.  Have you seen the NO Days University class schedule? These mini-classes are designed to fit around your class schedule and shopping.

What are some of the techniques you'll learn? We've got fusing, leaded stained glass, and mosaic classes designed to teach you how to cut back on project assembly time using the NO Days line of products.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you finish your project!

During the ThinFuse Mosaic Class, you'll learn how to eliminate a tack firing in your kiln by adhering your pieces to your glass using NO Days ThinFuse. We'll "grout" with frit and secure that in place with NO Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive. Once the adhesive has dried, the frit will be so secure that you'll have no trouble transporting the piece back to your kiln to fire. 

glueFOIL and NO Days Mosaic Adhesive created this butterfly
Join us for the glueFOIL Mosaic Coaster Class, and learn how to get creative using scrap textured clear stained glass to make stunning mosaics. We'll piece together our designs using glueFOIL, then adhere the glass to our substrates with NO Days Mosaic Adhesive and grout immediately! You'll leave with a new technique in your mosaic arsenal and your sample coaster to remind you how you did it.

NO Days Glaze makes building a leaded window much quicker
Have you seen or heard of NO Days Glaze, but just haven't had the time or project to test it out with? Join us for the NO Days Glaze Sun Catcher Class and see how easy it is to use. You'll see that it's such a time saver, that you'll wonder why you aren't using it in every leaded glass project!

GlueFoil Mosaic Coaster
(03/30/12, 1pm)
(03/31/12, 1pm) 
03/30/2012 (1:00pm to 2:00pm), Booth #901. Don't know what to do with all the leftover clear textured scrap stained glass from your leading project?

Stained Glass Suncatcher
(03/30/12, 3pm)
(03/31/12, 3pm)
(04/01/12, 1pm)
03/30/2012 (3:00pm to 4:30pm), Booth #901. Learn the basics of creating a leaded glass window the quick and easy way using No Days Glaze and No Days Pre-Glazed Lead.

ThinFuse Mosaic Coaster
(03/31/12, 9am)
03/31/2012 (9:00am to 11:00am), Booth #901. Cut back on kiln time using No Days ThinFuse. In this mini-class, we'll create fused mosaic glass coasters using a new technique that cuts back on kiln time.

Micro Mosaic Jewelry
(03/30/12, 11am)
(03/31/12, 11am) 
03/30/2012 (11:00am to 12:00pm), Booth #901. Learn more about using No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive to create stunning micro mosaic jewelry.

Fused Glass Coaster
(03/30/12, 9am)
03/30/2012 (9:00am to 11:00am), Booth #901. Learn how to use No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive to create intricate designs with frits and powders on fusible glass

Register Now! - Join us for in-booth (Booth # 901) classes at the 2012 Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 30th to April 1st. Seating is limited to 10 students per class. Hurry before the seats are gone!

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