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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hosting a Mosaic Party Using No Days Mosaic Adhesive

Mosaic Sun Catcher : Quick and Easy Project for Kids’ Classes, Birthday Parties and More!

Using No Days Mosaic Adhesive is an ideal solution for creating a quick, mess free, no grout mosaic sun catcher that’s ready to hang right out of the oven. 

Plan on having one or more adult helpers for every 6 children participating.
Age: 6+
Prep time: 10-30 minutes depending on materials
Activity time: 40-60 minutes
Materials: Acrylic Sun Catcher plaque, glass globs & squiggles for a quicker project and younger students, stained glass tiles that can be cut up for older students, No Days Mosaic Adhesive
Tools: pair of mosaic nippers, gallon size ziplock bag, safety glasses, shoe box lids, bowls, scissors or exacto blade

No Days Mosaic Adhesive is a mess-free, heat set adhesive that can be cured in the oven for a hassle free children's birthday party project or quick and easy classroom activity that is finished in one short session.
There's no need to grout this sun catcher, which means it goes home with the kids!

To create the sun catcher, you will use No Days Mosaic Adhesive, an acrylic suncatcher base from Monster Mosaics, and a variety of glass globs, squiggles, stained glass tiles or pre-cut scrap glass.

Using glass globs or squiggles make this project easy for younger children and quicker for older children. For a more challenging project for older kids, or if you’ve got a few extra adult helpers, you can use stained glass tiles by setting up a cutting station and show everyone how to cut glass with mosaic nippers.

You can prepare the NO Days Mosaic Adhesive before the party or class, or have older children cut it themselves.
There is no right or wrong side of the adhesive. Remove a sheet from the package and either cut the adhesive on a mat by tracing the shape with a razor blade or trace the acrylic shape with a sharpie, then cut with scissors and wipe any marker residue from the edges of the acrylic with rubbing alcohol on cotton swabs or paper towels.

It’s a good idea to peel back the protective paper liner from both sides of the acrylic cut out before the party or class to save a little time. Place the No Days Mosaic Adhesive on top of the plaque and it’s ready for tiles!

If you’re using scrap stained glass, pre-cut a bunch of pieces and put the pieces in several bowls, shoebox tops, or plastic lids. The children can sort through the glass using pens, pencils, popsicle sticks, or whatever you have handy. That way their fingers stay out of the glass until they see a piece that they can carefully remove and set aside.

If they need to cut the glass into smaller sizes, which they will enjoy doing even if they don’t have to, you can set up a cutting station at the end of the table or on a separate table with safety glasses, a gallon size zip bag, and a shoe box top or plate. Demonstrate the proper way to cut the glass with safety precautions, and have an adult helper who can assist at the cutting station.

Put the safety glasses on. Hold the mosaic nippers with the wheels facing your body. Hold the piece of glass you want to cut inside the gallon sized plastic baggie. Squeeze on the handle of the nippers and the glass will break. Some children may need help squeezing the nippers or may not feel comfortable doing this. But, most kids jump at the chance to touch & break glass.

After the glass is cut, DO NOT reach into the baggie. When glass breaks, it can send splinters and slivers of glass everywhere. Since we used the plastic baggie, the slivers are in the bag. Dump the bag out into a box top or bowl. Then, you can carefully pick up the pieces that you need.

Since, there’s no sticky adhesive to worry about, the kids can start building their design without gluing or worrying about a piece not fitting. It’s easy to reposition the tiles or change your entire design.

When everyone is finished, place the acrylic substrates on a sheet tray and put them all in a room temperature oven. Set the oven for 200 degrees F (90 degrees C) and set a timer for 10 minutes. The adhesive will start to melt at about 160 degrees F (71 degrees C). After ten minutes the glass should be hot enough that it has stuck to the adhesive and the acrylic. Turn the oven off and let the pieces cool in the oven.

After the oven has cooled, the mosaics are ready to hang. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even bead some hangers for the sun catchers, as well!

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