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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Queen Of Bees Throne" by Leigh Adams

April 2011 Featured Artist - Leigh Adams of Glass Art Designs

Leigh Adams emits an energy and exuberance brighter than the purple in her hair! She loves sharing her knowledge of mosaic with students of all ages, but especially enjoys working with children to create public art. Although most of her work is done in the Pasadena California area, Leigh has traveled and worked with children in Mexico, China and Central America for many years.

Whether teaching folk arts, language or life skills, Leigh believes that cooperative learning, achieving consensus and building new skills which can result in public acknowledgement are some of the greatest gifts we can give our children and our society.
Leigh Adams of Leigh Adams Glass Art Designs

As arts become less and less available in our schools, Leigh believes it is incumbent upon us to make opportunities for hands-on learning available to our young people.  Public installations are an excellent way to elevate children's belief in themselves, their self worth and the value of their efforts.
Created by commission for the Los Angeles County Arboretum's 40 acre Australian Garden, The Rainbow Dream Snake is inspired by Aboriginal creation stories of the Waugal or Rainbow Serpent. The Dream Snake was made with poured concrete to create the creature's scale patterns and differently shaped mosaics on No Days Mosaic Mesh throughout its quarter mile path. Leigh invited the public to help create the mosaics on mesh.

“When you have participated in something that is public, you always have a place to go back and see what you've impacted; the contribution you've made. You can visit or you can bring your family and friends to share in the beauty.”

Leigh's always working on several different projects in different stages of the process. Pictured at right is her Cypress Wall, a fused glass mosaic on No Days Mesh, which has been mortared to the wall, but must still be trimmed, grouted and cleaned.

Leigh is currently working on a piece in her water wise backyard garden, a Queen of Bees Throne, using No Days Mosaic Mesh and ceramic tiles.  She's sharing the process and you'll find a slideshow of her progress below.

 See more of Leigh's work at Leigh Adams Glass Art Designs...

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