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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Creating a Mosaic No Grout Picture Frame

No Grout Mosaic Picture Frame with No Days Adhesive

Materials & Tools:
-mosaic tiles (size)
-picture frame (size)
-standard heat gun

Approximate Time: 20-30 minutes

Creating a no grout picture frame with No Days Mosaic Adhesive is a quick and easy project that is ideal for learning to work with the No Days Adhesive.

Working in small sections, cut a piece of adhesive and begin placing your tiles according to your design. Since the No Days Mosaic Adhesive allows you to reposition your tiles, you have a bit of freedom and can position tiles randomly without being committed to a design.

Holding the heat gun approximately 4-6” away from the mosaic, begin to heat the section of tiles on low. The adhesive will first melt where it is exposed. You’ll need to continue to heat the tiles until they are warm enough to melt the adhesive underneath, or the mosaic pieces won’t fully adhere and can peel away or pop off later. As the pieces start to heat, you can move the gun a little closer to your project.

It’s helpful to have a tool handy to position tiles as well as to check on the adhesive. If you push on the glass while heating and it skids or doesn’t move easily, then you need to keep heating. If the tile slides across the surface of the frame, then you know that the piece will stick. If you overheat the tiles, they will begin to move on their own. Push them back into place and let the adhesive cool before continuing.

If your design changes while you’re working on the mosaic, or if you misplace tesserrae, you can easily reactivate the adhesive by reheating.  Once you have heated the tiles, you can remove, reposition, or straighten them.

If you add new tiles to the melted adhesive, you’ll need to make sure that you heat the new tiles for the adhesive to grab onto them.

To finish this project, continue working your way around the frame, adding adhesive, placing tiles, and heating, in sections until you’ve come all the way back to the beginning.

The project is finished as soon as the adhesive cools, making this a great last minute gift idea!

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