Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Artist Spotlight ~ Trish Rossiter of TR Mosaics

Trish Rossiter of TR Mosaics

Trish is a self taught, mainly glass on glass (GOG) mosaic artist of about 6 years. “ I love using tiny pieces of stained glass in my mosaics and was thrilled to try No Days Mosaic Adhesive film and loved how this piece turned out! :) Definitely using this adhesive for my next project!”

Trish says, "I used the No Days Mosaic Adhesive for the rocks,
as well as the glass and it worked perfectly!"

"It was love at first sight when I spied a mosaic window hanging
inside a (yummy :) bakery in Almonte, Ontario a few years ago.
Simple, yet beautiful, I  imagined the mosaic hanging in my garden.

Just up the street from the bakery was a neat little shop filled with
mosaics for sale. I was like a kid in candy store!  Alas, the cost of
my favorite piece was beyond my means. I was so inspired however, I
immediately decided that I would try my hand at this ancient art.

It was the perfect time to tap into my creative side. Being a sleep
deprived mom, working on a master’s thesis had left me stressed to the
max and chipping glass quickly became my escape from reality!

Fast forward several years … boy where did that time go! And what have
I actually done with my life since? Well, I've retired from my nursing
career and I have thankfully cut my stress level to a quarter of what
it was…  I am a happier and more “present” mom to our kids. Inspired
by the beauty all around me - usually my children, pets or nature - I
continue to love the challenge of capturing that beauty in my glass on
glass mosaics. I recently started a Meetup group for Mosaic-ers in my
community and am thrilled to mosaic regularly with like minded

Learn more about Trish and view her mosaics at:

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