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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Vinery Stained Glass Shop Road Show ~ Madison, WI

Denny gave me a quick tour of his new location.
He's got this Saguaro skeleton that's been with him for years.
Denny's new location is HUGE! He's been there for 6 months and it still smells brand new. He's got tons of glass on display, as well as finished projects. I got the grand tour as soon as I arrived.
Next to the front door of the store
There's plenty of room to walk around and everywhere you look there's eye candy. The store is divided into areas for make and take fused glass pendants, lampworking, stained glass, mosaic and fused glass classes.
He's also got his very first stained glass piece that he made by teaching himself
from a book when he was 24...just a few years ago. He's also got his very own Peter McGrain portrait looking over his precious.
Denny planned a full day with his Customer Appreciation Event occurring at the same time as the No days Road Show. The first 150 customers through the door got swag bags. There was a full demo schedule for glass cutting, the Morton System, bottle cutters, flameworking, foil repair, fusing ideas, programming your kiln, and of course, No Days adhesives!

My No Days station all set up before I even got there!
Fusing accessories
In addition to the demos, there was a make and take project area set up for micro mosaic pendants. Customers were invited to walk in anytime during the day and create Groutless Mosaic jewelry with millefiore, sparkly glass bits and resin.
Denny getting everybody started on their make-and-take groutless mosaic pendants.

Groutless Micro Mosaic Pendant
We scheduled two sessions for walk in No Days projects. In the morning, we made small No Days Groutless mosaics using 5" x 7" mdf boards and scrap stained glass.
Inspired by purples

Rainbow mosaic

Building an alpaca mosaic with No Days Groutless

Finished alpaca mosaic with original sketch.
Beautiful maker with her gorgeous flower mosaic.
Heating the No Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive to finish the sun project.
And in the afternoon, we made fused glass mosaics using No Day Thinfuse and Liquid Fusing Adhesives.
"Frouting" is serious business!
Finishing up the No Days Thinfuse mosaics.
Denny's got the best students! You explain the process and they dive in!
The first 150 folks in the door got sweet swag bags full of surprises!
Racks of stained glass
The fabulous students create great artwork...AND out with the spiel when I'm away helping others!
She had them captivated! I love it!
Flameworking demos on the far side by the food
(I can't believe I didn't get pictures of the spread. It was awesome!
And Charlene walked the room with a tray handing out sweet snacks:
Strawberry Shortcake, mini Caramel Cheesecake Parfaits, Smores Brownies and more!)
All day long, there were various demos occurring in the backroom.
Morton system demo and bottle cutter demo.
Even more racks of glass and fusing molds.
The store goes on forever! There's everything you could ask for and more!

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