Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Featured Artist ~ Cappi Phillips of Moe’s Ache Studio

Cappi Phillips of Moe’s Ache Studio ( has been creating whimsical art for over 20 years. Prior to mosaics, she hand built clay sculptures to sell in galleries throughout the country but got lost in the paperwork and production end of the business. Yearning for a little more magic, she began to explore her child-hood passion - mosaics. "There is something magical and compelling about an object comprised of many small bits. I'm not sure why I am so drawn to the beauty and complexity of a mosaic piece, but consider (myself) fortunate ... to express (my) creativity through this form."
No Days Groutless Mosaic Heart created by Moe's Ache Studio
"I love the No Days Groutless sheets.  I've been working on ornaments for an upcoming holiday Glass Guild show, and find the groutless ones have a nice finished look and are lighter weight (good for hanging on the tree).  I will keep on experimenting!"

Created with millefiori, vintage baubles, ceramic tiles, glass and No Days Groutless.
"We often start by reclaiming everyday objects, many destined for the landfill, reinventing them using both traditional and innovative mosaic techniques. The idea of recycling objects into art is not necessarily a unique concept, however the idea that more and more people on our planet are embracing its creation is uniquely positive. Art created using recycled and re-used materials goes beyond just feeding the soul and enriching the mind. It also becomes a vehicle for positive social change. As the focus on our planet becomes more centered in renewable resources, I am challenged to re-use and re-invent materials in an attempt to show others what can be done with society's orphans. Mosaic lends itself naturally to this challenge. Broken pottery shards transform an outer surface; discarded plastic bags form a lightweight, environmentally friendly core. Using these materials in innovative ways, together with a touch of humor, I want to create public and commercial artwork that evokes a smile while reminding us of our role as resourceful stewards of our planet. If our trash is to come back and haunt us, it should be in a form we can enjoy!"
I love the "hunt" of discovering unusual pieces that I can incorporate in my one-of-a kind mosaics.  The "onions" were discovered at a yard sale.  I used a No Days Groutless sheet under cut glass strips that were placed on a metal wall plaque.  The onions were then added for a 3-D look.  I love the shiny look of the No Days "grout"on this piece.

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