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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Artist Spotlight ~ Jackie Doehling of Full Moon Loon Designs

Meet Jackie Doehling of Full Moon Loon Designs!
Full Moon Loon Designs is my artist name & the Doing Business As (DBA) name I chose when I decided I might want to pursue this as a little more than a casual hobby. Why “Full Moon Loon?” The loon is our state bird here in Minnesota, and the full moon – well, that seems to be when I feel the most creative. Sometimes I am just bursting with creative energy around the time of the full moon, and in fact there was a full moon when I came up with the name.
No Days featured artist Jackie Doehling of Full Moon Loon Designs

I still consider myself a beginner in this wonderful world of glass as there are so many techniques and methods I have yet to try. I was introduced to glass fusing in a small workshop type get-together a friend of mine had at a local studio. We made pendants out of scrap glass and that was all it took, I was HOOKED! Back in 2010 I bought a microwave kiln and it was a fun way to get started with small pendants and pieces, but I knew I wanted to do more. I bought my first “real” kiln in early 2011 and added a second one a year later. One of my favorite methods in glass design is using stencils and powders. Powders and frits allow you limitless possibilities when it comes to design. You can follow a pattern or create something completely random and unplanned (sometimes those are the best projects!)
Jackie joined Shannon's Stained Glassery for a No Days Road Show
and classes on frit painting

For the past two years I have entered pieces into the Minnesota State Fair and on both occasions I won a third-place ribbon. This year I am entering a piece where I used a method I learned in a No Days Road Show, frit painting. The top layer is a pair of Lady’s Slipper flowers (Minnesota state flower), the second layer is our state bird, the loon, and the base layer is a piece of blue swirled glass representing the “Land of 10,000 lakes.” Each layer is actually a design layer plus a layer of thin clear fused together, so in the final firing it was six layers of sheet glass plus frit. I call it “Minnesota in Glass” and while it didn’t make it past the first round of the juried fine arts competition, I am not giving up! Instead I am entering it into the Creative Activities which is where I have entered the past two years. Perhaps the third time’s the charm?

Jackie's tribute to Minnesota, a frit painted piece
using No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive

I love the No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive as it works great for not only the frit painting process, but also for holding things in place before firing. It always burns off clean and has never left any marks or residue on my glass. My first experience with a No Days product was the ThinFuse Adhesive. It works great for building designs with several pieces of glass like a quilt pattern or mosaic design. I also like the BailBond adhesive for attaching bails to pendants, it works like a charm (no pun intended!)
I love the No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive as it works great
for not only the frit painting process, but also for holding
things in place before firing. It always burns off clean and has never left
any marks or residue on my glass.

While glass is my true passion, I am employed full time in IT as a business analyst. I earned my Master of Science in 2012 in Technical Communication and my Bachelor of Science (2006) is in Management Information Systems. While I’ve never taken any art classes while working on my degrees, I do pursue local workshops and classes from time to time and wouldn’t mind teaching at some point. I keep hoping to win the lottery so I can retire and play with glass full-time! So far, I haven’t sold in any shows but I am getting my website up and running and hope to have my store page live this year. You would think being an IT type, the site would be a no-brainer, but if it’s a choice between working on glass and working on a site about glass, well you can guess where I am likely to spend my time!

Full Moon Loon Designs ~ Jackie Doehling

Jackie Doehling
Owner & Artist, Full Moon Loon Designs
July 2014

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