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Interested in becoming a NO Days Featured Artist?

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Monday, December 5, 2011

NO Days Road Show at Glass Warehouse - Englewood, Colorado

What's a NO Days Road Show? We come to you with in-store demonstrations for any and all of our adhesive or glazing products for crafting, stained glass, mosaic, glass fusing and much more. 

Come see Streuter Products in action, and support your local studios! If you are a retailer interested in hosting a Streuter Road Show Event, then click here for more details...

Come on in to Glass Warehouse in Englewood, Colorado!
I just returned from Glass Warehouse in Englewood, Colorado for a NO Days play day, and I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the setup that owner Connie Sánchez has going on! Glass Warehouse is located in an old office building turned stained glass shop, studio and house all rolled into one. The building is huge and shows off with several large work areas and classrooms...

Curious to see what you'll be making in upcoming classes?

The stained glass studio is downstairs with the coldworking equipment.

More tables?!? Yup! The stained glass studio downstairs!
There's never a wait to use the grinders in this classroom that has two walls lined with grinders!

Coldworking equipment galore! No waiting for grinders, here!
Setting up for the NO Days class in the upstairs classroom / bird playground!
If you show up for class early, take some time to look around for inspiration...There's no shortage of eye candy here! The tin ceilings sport stained glass panels. There's a wall of sun catchers lined by  mosaic stepping stone/table tops, several stands full of fused glass projects, kilnformed lamps, and even a diner table set for lunch with a set of matching fused glass plates.

Lots to look at in front of the shop.

Need inspiration? There's lots of it here!

Owner Connie Sánchez is especially fond of Southwestern themes.

Sun catchers and stepping stones...

Head back to the work area and get started!
After you're done browsing, it's time to get to work, or rather Play!  Connie's got lots of great (and very well organized) samples. If you're wondering what will happen if...(fill in your glass fusing question here), I bet there's a sample sheet with an example to help you figure it out!

Lots of glass samples!
If you still can't figure it out, the staff is always ready with a smile. Just ask!

Smiling Di is ready to help!
We had a lot of fun during class, and everyone was very focused on their project. No rules, here. For the NO Days ThinFuse Mosaic class, we start with a 6" square base of clear glass and layer it with fusible glass on top of the NO Days ThinFuse.
Connie is always ready with a hug and a smile!
The fused glass mosaics are heat set when all the pieces are cut and in place. Then, once we've achieved our faux "tack fuse" and the glass has cooled down (5-10 minutes), we're ready to "grout" with frit.
Mother and son team working busily on their projects.
I always love to see the variations that each student creates. We had one table in particular that decided to go really intricate (after my own heart, that bunch!), and they took a little while longer. But, we had plenty of room for the NO Days Demo...

NO Days ThinFuse mosaics ready to be fired
Unfortunately, this is where my pictures take a little break...I can't do the demos AND take pictures. Connie was busy taking notes so she could share the information with anyone who wasn't able to make the demo day. (It snowed pretty good that morning, and the roads stopped a few people from coming, but Connie can show you what you missed!)

Need a kiln? Let Connie help you pick one out.
After showing everyone all the tips and tricks to working with the NO Days products: NO Days ThinFuse, NO Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive, NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, NO Days Mosaic Mesh, NO Days BailBond, NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive, NO Days Glaze, and HoneyDoo Zuper Glue; we decided to have a glass of wine while cleaning up.

Connie and Buddy's Southwestern kitchen
My favorite part of visiting all the stained glass studios for NO Days Road Shows is seeing the homes of the studio owners. Connie and Buddy's house was featured on HGTV and was just as overwhelming as the shop below, bedecked in stained glass, mosaics and fused glass!

The best part about the end of the day was the short commute...We walked upstairs, had some cheese and crackers in the kitchen, and hit the sack exhausted from our full day of play!

Glass Warehouse
3487 South Broadway Englewood, Colorado 80113

Store Hours:
Tuesday.......10 - 9
Wednesday...10 - 6
Thursday......10 - 9
Friday..........10 - 6
Saturday......10 - 5

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